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Post by Dan @ 09:23am 23/08/12 | 15 Comments
As promised, Rockstar has indeed let us have another taste of the hugely anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, but don't get too excited, as it's only three (admitedly tasty looking) new "leisure" screenshots.

Today's images offer a pair of dusty dirtbike racers, a picturesque valley parachuter and a mansion with tennis players. Hit the thumbs below for a closer look.

Confirmed platforms and release dates for GTA V remain elusive.

grand theft auto 5rockstartake 2screenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:17am 23/8/12
It's sometime this year though right or early next? how long do we usually wait after seeing some screenshots?
Posted 10:19am 23/8/12
Awful textures in that tennis shot.
Posted 01:00pm 23/8/12
Rockstar know how to make a good engine. That's what i learned about GTA4. I hope their gameplay is good!
Posted 04:19pm 23/8/12
Lets see if they can get the dirt bike handling right this time, oh and the PC port. Shots look nice though.
Posted 04:44pm 23/8/12
Hrmm I'm reading more and more rumors about 2013 release dates for the next gen consoles, my gut feeling says this could be a launch title for the next gen. I wouldn't even be surprised if Microsoft or Sony have paid big $$$$ to get this as a timed exclusive if that's the case, I would buy next gen on release if GTA 5 was a launch title.
Posted 05:45pm 23/8/12
Graphics don't really look next-gen to me.
Posted 05:55pm 23/8/12
I would buy next gen on release if GTA 5 was a launch title.

they would have my 800$ of whatever silly amount they want for one if this was the case
Posted 05:55pm 23/8/12
Looks like they've really opened up the game again, perhaps to a whole state size like GTA: SA :D
Posted 06:04pm 23/8/12
Graphics don't really look next-gen to me.

Yeah that's my only doubt in my mind that probably means it will be this gen, but why the secret to announce a platform?
Posted 06:54pm 23/8/12
Looks like the GTA IV engine with a good ENB series installed over it.
Posted 07:19pm 23/8/12
Its looking good. Hope they bother to optimise the PC version.
Posted 07:33pm 23/8/12
Looks like they've really opened up the game again, perhaps to a whole state size like GTA: SA :D

They've already confirmed that it will be Los Santos only (ie. the city that was the equivalent of LA in GTA:SA) but they did say it will be a huge world and will definitely have countryside and not just city.

I'd also like to see some big names come back for voice acting again like in GTA:SA with the awesome Sam Jackson and James Woods.
Posted 03:46pm 24/8/12
Well graphics wise it looks pretty old. I am guessing this is because its a console game thus it can't really look any better then GTA4. Hopefully the gameplay makes up for it.
Posted 10:02pm 24/8/12
Graphics are secondary, gameplay is most important,
Posted 10:06pm 24/8/12
Also don't forget the other 3 screens from the other day, showing a biycle, sports car, and jet fighter.
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