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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:33pm 22/08/12 | 2 Comments
It must be tough for developers and publishers when handling a critical success that is yet to break through to a wider market. While it can certainly be said that often niche is a more true and respectable platform, money makes the world go around, and keeps the games in development.

With a series like Dead Space, EA can clearly see that the franchise is sitting on a precipice where taking it one way will alienate the core fans who got to where it is today, but leaving it in its initial state might not bring in the new players. It's a predicament that has left many (myself included), worried about the design future of Dead Space 3.

Thankfully after a hands-on session of the game at this year's GamesCom, I walked out with renewed faith that the series is heading in the right direction while remaining firmly rooted in its roots.

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Posted 03:54pm 22/8/12
I grabbed Dead Space and Dead Space 2 on a Steam sale. Just played the start of the original so far but it is scary as f*** and I like it.
Posted 02:22am 23/8/12
I downloaded these games and I was scared like a little girl! I like being scared like a little girl so I kept playing! It made me feel like a little girl again!
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