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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:45am 07/08/12 | 16 Comments
Speculation has run wild since the release of Batman: Arkham City. From ideas that the next installment would be titled "Arkham World" (encouraged by Rocksteady themselves), to rumours the team would actually be leaving Batman behind to work on a Justice League game in the build up to a Justice League movie, no one is sure of Rocksteady's next move. And that includes the writer for the last two Batman outings, Paul Dini.

Eurogamer reports that after a Tweet or two, followed by a bit of sleuthing, Dini himself has essentially confirmed that there's no new Batman in the works, mostly because he's not involved in whatever Rocksteady's next project will be.

"The last talk I had with Warner Interactive about future games was while I was doing promotion for Arkham City last September," the Batman scribe posted on his LiveJournal. "Naturally as there was such a rush of interest about Arkham City, everyone was asking me about a third game, and frankly, I had been wondering about that myself.

"When I asked about the possibility of working on a third game I was told that as Rocksteady had just finished wrapping the second one, it would be a while before everyone was ready to sit down and discuss future plans. That said, it was intimated that for future games, Warner and Rocksteady might not be looking as much to freelance writers, the message being, that if had something else interesting coming my way, I might want to take it."

Taking other projects on is exactly what Dini did, and he explained that doing so has left him "unavailable to take on anything new until 2013". It's not completely splitsville though, and Dini himself regarded the possibility of working with Rocksteady again as something that "would be cool", but either way, it's looking less and less likely we'll see a full return of the Caped Crusader at the hands of Rocksteady. At least for the foreseeable future.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:20am 07/8/12
This makes me sad
Posted 12:18pm 07/8/12
I want a Nolan Batman game.
Posted 12:22pm 07/8/12
I want a Nolan Batman game
Posted 12:28pm 07/8/12
They've earnt the benefit of the doubt from me, whatever their next project is, I'm sure it'll be equally awesome. I don't mind if they don't do another Batman game right away, don't want to tire the formula out (eg. Assassin's Creed).
Posted 12:30pm 07/8/12
Can you drive the Batmobile to get around in Arkham City?
Posted 02:25pm 07/8/12
Can you drive the Batmobile to get around in Arkham City?
nope :( when they figure out a GTA-esque Batman game though it will be awesome, although it'd probably have to be a game-over penalty if you run someone down to stop people doing it
Posted 02:32pm 07/8/12
Or it could be like Driver where acrobatic pedestrians just jump out of the way of the car.

I am playing through Arkham Asylum at the moment and it is really good. Apparently City is even better. I have put a lot of games on hold at the moment though as I am buying a new TV and want to play them on that :D
Posted 02:39pm 07/8/12
Yeah fpot Arkham Asylum is bloody awesome so hard to put down when you get into it, I have City at home but only played a few hours it's bloody fantastic but just don't have the time :(
Posted 02:44pm 07/8/12
Arkham Asylum is in my Steam Library but my PC is too s*** to run it. One day my pretties, one day.

Is kb/mouse the way to go or should I use my XBox controller?
Posted 02:46pm 07/8/12
Arkham Asylum is in my Steam Library but my PC is too s*** to run it. One day my pretties, one day.

Is kb/mouse the way to go or should I use my XBox controller?
I played it with KB/mouse and thought it was great.
Posted 02:49pm 07/8/12
I use a controller only because that's what the general recommendation was. I guess try both ways and see what you like better.

Man, Asylum is a 2009 game. How old is your PC? :P
Posted 03:00pm 07/8/12
arkham city blew my mind. they will definitely make a killing with another sequel.
Posted 03:04pm 07/8/12
Is wish they'd come out with an update to Arkham Asylum to use the fight controls of Arkham City. I loved Arkham Asylum so much, but playing it again after Arkham City feels a bit retarded.
Posted 03:04pm 07/8/12
How old is your PC? :P

My seven year old PC shat itself so now I'm using my 10 year old one. Planning to get a new comp later this year.
Posted 03:24pm 07/8/12
Can you drive the Batmobile to get around in Arkham City?

there's really no need since you just grapple and glide everywhere.

Posted 03:39pm 07/8/12
There is always need to drive the Batmobile.
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