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Post by Dan @ 12:45pm 06/08/12 | 8 Comments
Kotaku have gotten a hold of what they suggest is an early development screenshot from an upcoming Prince of Persia title from Ubisoft. Posted on the publisher's official forums, the image features a text overlay POP_ZERO_2 suggesting the Prince of Persia connection, but doesn't seem to have much more in common with previous games in the franchise. Kotaku recalls that Prince of Persia Zero was previously used as a codename for an aborted Ubisoft project that was thought to be taking a modern-day spin on the Persian hero.

The screenshot is obviously very rough around the edges, with poor lighting, and zombie-esque characters floating slightly above the ground, so assuming it's not just another Internet hoax, it's clearly from an early stage in a game's development -- whether it's actually Prince of Persia related or not.

If it really is Ubi's next take on the Prince though, there could be some big changes afoot. The black player character and ancient Egyptian aesthetics, provoke speculation of themes of slave liberation in The Nile Delta.

Interestingly, Kotaku also notes that this new shot bears a striking similarity to some other trailer stills that supposedly leaked back in May, with a tagline "Judgement is coming".

Hit the thumbs below for a closer look and draw your own conclusions:

prince of persiarumourubisoftleakedscreenshots

Latest Comments
Posted 12:48pm 06/8/12
wish they would do a sequel to the 2008 prince of persia game.
Posted 01:11pm 06/8/12
Was the 08 game any good? I loved the GC POP one but not too sure about the sequels though never had an urge to play them.

I hope they're not turning this into an assassin's creed rip off. They should steel some ideas from Batman games.
Posted 01:21pm 06/8/12
They should steel some ideas from Batman games.

... one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands and your plan is to steal from this person? Good luck.
Posted 01:54pm 06/8/12
They should steel some ideas from Batman games.

They might copper bit of flak for steeling ideas but as long as they iron out the kinks and be lead by some great designers, I could see that game going gold.
Posted 02:21pm 06/8/12
Haha, ausgamers is predictable.

I meant gameplay, specifically the stealth levels.
Posted 02:49pm 06/8/12
LOL glynd
Posted 04:37pm 06/8/12
That lighting is considered to be poor? What?
Posted 08:52pm 31/12/12
Hard to tell how good the lighting is from screen shots these days I reckon. The gamma is crazy high in that shot, which makes it harder to see stuff like self shadowing plus who knows how much post is even implemented in that shot...
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