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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:47am 03/08/12 | 8 Comments
EA and DICE have shot through three new screens for their forthcoming Armored Kill DLC for Battlefield 3, showcasing the game's unparallelled visuals once more, along with examples of what we all know and love about the Battlefield 3 multiplayer experience - emergent gameplay.

Armored Kill arrives in September for the massively popular shooter, and features new, heavy vehicles and artillery among much more.

Click the thumbnails below for a closer look at the new screens.

battlefield 3screenshotsdlcdicearmored kill
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:12pm 03/8/12
The map looks bland and generic from those screen shots.
Posted 07:36pm 03/8/12
The map looks bland and generic from those screen shots.

Yes those 10 square metres of map that you can barely see past the tanks and through the smoke looks absolutely terrible.
Count me out of this one thanks!
Posted 07:44pm 03/8/12
They are trying to hide the fact that they can't have too much detail on a map of that size. I don't mind, not every map needs to be cluttered and their engine makes up for it in other places.
Posted 12:39pm 04/8/12
The real issue for large maps and lack of detail is Consoles. Although you don't necessarily needs lots, BF2 did amazing stuff. It just has to be well designed.

There's a video some where on line of the tank superiority mode for this map. It essentially looks like it's just an extra part of Caspian border. The mode features tanks fighting over ONE flag. That's right DICE built the new mode for the "big map pack" to feature one point.

They're just trolling at this point.

The other two Armored Kill maps look great though.
Posted 12:43pm 04/8/12
Whys that a bad thing? Sounds fun to me, King of the Hill with tanks
Posted 12:54pm 04/8/12
. That's right DICE built the new mode for the "big map pack" to feature one point

Considering the popularity of metro. I can see why they would do this. Who doesn't love a good cluster f***ed public match.
Posted 01:22pm 04/8/12
At least put new MBT im sick of the Abraham and the T90
Posted 04:39pm 05/8/12
The king of the hill with tanks. Should at least have rotating maps. However DICE seems to want to do the least work possible with maps. So that'd probably mean making an extra bit of the map accessible for that mode that isn't in conquest. So no.

Like how Rush Maps bar 2 are just in the conquest map area. Unlike in BC2 where many are about 4 times bigger and better.
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