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Post by Dan @ 10:26am 03/08/12 | 16 Comments
Fresh out of the annual QuakeCon expo currently rocking in Dallas, resurrected publishing brand Apogee Software has announced the revival of one of it's biggest old licenses, the 1995 first person shooter Rise of the Triad.

The ROTT reboot is in the works at Inceptor Entertainment, a Danish studio who most recently worked on the Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded HD remake for Apogee, will be built on Unreal Engine 3, and is set to launch on Steam for PC and Mac "later this year".
“We were seeking a strong, independent, hard-working development partner to herald the eagerly-anticipated return of ‘Rise of the Triad’,” said Terry Nagy, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Apogee. “We have indeed found that partner in Interceptor Entertainment.”

"Apogee has given us a great opportunity with Rise of the Triad," said Interceptor CEO Frederik Schreiber. "We are all about fast-paced action and this was simply a perfect match for us as fans of old school shooters."
A feature list explains the many ways that the reboot will stay faithful to the original, promsing to be even bloodier and more ludicrous than ever, with weapons such as the Flamewall, Firebomb, Split Missile, Drunk Missile and the Excalibat, all to return. They're even promising the return of the wacky special mode, such as Elasto mode, Mercury mode and Dog mode.

The announcement also notes that the game will support modding, with Steamworks support for sharing user maps and mods, and both offline and online mulitplayer.

Some screenshots and concept art can be had over on our new Rise of the Triad game page, and you can watch the debut trailer embedded below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:42am 03/8/12
needs more gibs flying towards the screen :P

f*** yeah. absolutely loved ROTT. hopefully they do a really decent effort of it.
Posted 11:58am 03/8/12
Posted 12:35pm 03/8/12
LOL looks pretty close the the original so far, just missing the eyes and gibs flying towards the screen
Posted 01:54pm 03/8/12
remember the wall of flame flamethrower?

That weapon was epic.
Posted 03:41pm 03/8/12
Phwoar! This game was epic. :)
Posted 03:58pm 03/8/12
Looks as budget and low brow as the last one did
Posted 04:00pm 03/8/12
RoTT was awesome. It had the best god mode ever put in a game.
Posted 04:04pm 03/8/12
heh. dog mode was pretty funny. :)
the humour was the best thing about rott... chicken launchers, dogmode, the mushrooms & the like :p
the gfx in the trailer look a bit s*** tho.
Posted 07:46pm 03/8/12
Shweeet my prayers have been answered, as fun as the original is i tend to get over it fast compaired to the hours i used to play it back in the day.
Posted 08:00pm 03/8/12
Loved ROTT but this looks like it may become a case of Nostalgi-fail like DNF, where you play the game for 30 minutes and then wish Steam would allow you to permanently unlink games from your account.
Posted 10:51pm 03/8/12
This game had better be retarded as s***
Posted 11:46pm 03/8/12
This looks great, ROTT was awesome.

Though I thought it was another game, does anyone remember that Triads game where you're a detective in a future city? It starts off first person but is point/click adventure style.
Posted 09:25am 04/8/12

I knew I remembered heat seeking rockets! :)

Some Goods: Wiki

And also for mad multi-player and the trusty old numpad.

"ooooooverrrr hereeee"
Posted 09:28am 04/8/12
Seems like mindless shooting at things, my brother will love it.
Posted 10:16am 04/8/12
Though I thought it was another game, does anyone remember that Triads game where you're a detective in a future city? It starts off first person but is point/click adventure style.

Was it Rise of the Dragon?

RoTT/RoTD - Loved both those games
Posted 10:38am 04/8/12
I almost forgot about ROTT!! Awesome
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