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Post by Eorl @ 11:36am 02/08/12 | 4 Comments
While not quite as large a celebration as a year old or more, Funcom has today announced that their recently launched MMO The Secret World will be celebrating its one month this weekend with fireworks and free weekend access.
We are so proud of what we have made and want YOU to join us and try the game out for FREE this coming celebration weekend!

There will also be free fireworks for everyone! This weekend only you will be able to claim free fireworks - 20 per character! Brighten the sky and lighten the mood in these dark days, it's time to party!

We have also set up a special leaderboard for the celebration, showing the 100 most dedicated mission solvers in The Secret World universe. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top this weekend only?
Also included in the celebration is the MMO's first monthly content update, titled 'Issue #1: Unleashed', which includes seven brand new missions, two new Nightmare Mode dungeons and the Marketplace for trading.

If you're interested in giving the free weekend a try head over to the official website where you can sign up for an account, plus you can download the client locally from AusGamers. You can also check out our recent review on The Secret World and what we thought of the newest MMO from Funcom.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:08pm 02/8/12
Wait, the game launched already?

Shows how much care I've had for the game I guess lol
Posted 07:08pm 02/8/12
It would nice if I could got on to the website!
Posted 08:47am 03/8/12
Shows how much care I've had for the game I guess lol

It's probably got the most potential of any MMO released after WoW. It's definitely the most interesting.
Posted 09:28am 03/8/12
well i'm all ready to try it out this weekend.
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