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Post by Dan @ 10:31am 30/07/12 | 11 Comments
In yet another feel good story to emerge from Kickstarter crowd-funding, developer Sauropod Studio's Castle Story has blitzed its modest funding goal, passing the US$80,000 target in only five hours, and now sitting at over US$250,000 with over 27 days left on the clock.

Castle Story describes itself as a "voxel-based strategy game in which you can build castles one brick at a time using an army of little characters called Bricktrons", and is essentially a construction game wedded with an RTS.

In the Kickstarter project outline, the developers explain how following that initial demonstration you may have seen last year, the team of recently-graduated students was so enthused by the community response that they quite their jobs to work on the game full time.

According to the project goals, the extra funding will allow them to finish the game without starving as well as add multiplayer functionality. Find out more and contribute over on the official Kickstarter page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:49am 30/7/12
Looks interesting, and very well made. I made AI for exactly this sort of thing in a webgame last year which never got finished, and it's a b**** to coordinate such things effectively.
Posted 11:09am 30/7/12

If this ends up having castle sieges and s***, then there goes my life.
Posted 11:15am 30/7/12
Is there much of a discrepancy in pledged money and actual donated money in these kickstarter projects?

I imaigne when it comes time to fork over money, people might change their mind
Posted 11:21am 30/7/12
I don't think you get the opportunity to change your mind (well, unless you cancel your pledge before the project is funded), because once the time runs out it automatically bills to the cc you registered with when you pledged. There would still be some that don't go through though I would imagine, cos the person doesn't have enough funds on their card at the time or whatever.
Posted 11:39am 30/7/12
Probably a very stupid question, Is this similiar to mindcraft in anyway? I could never grasp what people found so fun about mindcraft, I found watching paint dry more interesting, But then again I probably played it in-correctly or something.
Posted 12:16pm 30/7/12
this game looks good, make ur own castle then get smashed by evil rock ppl
Posted 12:21pm 30/7/12
I'd personally prefer if the characters were human, but otherwise am keen. Hopefully it's sandbox and not mission based, but has some sort of long-play potential.

I could never grasp what people found so fun about mindcraft

I finally gave it a try recently, and discovered that it was actually pretty good - so long as you play with a guide at first so that you're not standing around stupidly in a blank world wondering what to do.

The essence of it is to survive and explore, which seems easy, but night comes, hunger comes, and the good s*** is buried deep down where there are worse dangers, some of them just being collapsing sand or falling into lava, or being down there so long that your food supplies start to run low. All in all I enjoyed it, but if you don't enjoy it with a bit of a guide giving you early objectives then it may not be for you. Personally, I made a string of kickass castles connected by automatic railway lines and river boat pathways, each with an enormous mine underneath it, and miss my little creation every day.
Posted 01:12pm 30/7/12
this looks pretty fun!
Posted 04:13pm 30/7/12
Basket, most people enjoy MC because it's like lego's all over again, but with collecting / surviving thrown into it.

That, plus some of the mods make it more like mechano than lego with motors and s***, can build lots of amazing stuff in it.

It looks only marginally similar to Minecraft in the sense that there are blocks you place and build stuff, but the gameplay looks fairly far removed *shrug*
Nerf Lord
Posted 04:26pm 18/10/12
Did anybody else kickstarter this and get the email? For the life of Brian I can't figure out how to download this thing.

edit: Nvm, early access today isn't beta, don't know why I got the email.
Posted 08:05pm 18/10/12
Im kickstarter and downloading prototype as we speak
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