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Post by Dan @ 01:15pm 27/07/12 | 16 Comments
Overhaul Games -- the studio promising a revamp of the classic BioWare RPG Baldur's Gate -- today announced that thier Enhanced Edition will touch down on PC on September 18th, with Mac and iPad versions to follow and an Android version also expected at a later date.

At US$19.99 the price seems a bit high for a makeover on a thirteen year old game, but Overhaul are promising quite a bit more than just high-res textures and widescreens support here, boasting over 400 improvements that span from interface changes, multiplayer and online matchmaking features, new cinematics and hours of completely new content.

Three new characters, a monk, a mage and an orc each promise four hours of extra game time and the new Black Pits questline supposedly brings another six hours.

You can explore all of these items in detail over at the official website, and save a not entirely generous US$2 by pre-ordering.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:28pm 27/7/12
Multiplayer? Online matchmaking? WTF why?

Other than that, looking forward to it. The Baldur's Gate series is one of my all time favorite games, up there with Fallout 1&2.

Posted 03:23pm 27/7/12
Has a single screenshot of the game even been released yet?
Posted 03:38pm 27/7/12
Heh matchmaking.. more consolization. Wonder if the matchmaking would be as bad as Diablo 3's
Posted 03:52pm 27/7/12
Posted 04:30pm 27/7/12
New Adventure: The Black Pits
New Character: Dorn Il-Khan
New Character: Neera the Wild Mage
New Character: Rasaad yn Bashir
A new collection of player character voice sets
Native support for high resolution widescreen displays
Over 400 improvements to the original game
Improved multiplayer support, with connectivity between all platform

I really hope they at least updated the graphics a tiny bit...

and yeah $20 Is quite steep..
Posted 04:39pm 27/7/12
$5 and in my steam library is as high as I'd go I'm afraid...
Posted 04:41pm 27/7/12
$5 and in my steam library is as high as I'd go I'm afraid...

Agreed with this.
Posted 04:49pm 27/7/12
Yeah, looking forward to this as well. I hope they go on to do others in the series as well like Planescape Torment/Icewind Dale/BG 2.
Posted 04:53pm 27/7/12
Icewind dale OH MAN, reminiscing so hard right now!!!!
Posted 05:07pm 27/7/12
Yeah I'd buy planescape for maybe up to $20, since I never owned it.
Posted 05:24pm 27/7/12

For that much money i would have hoped for the entire game to be put into the dragon age engine.

Posted 10:06pm 27/7/12
Never played it, Worth playing/getting?
Posted 11:23pm 27/7/12
I will definitely try a Planescape Torment remake, have heard great things about the story.
Posted 04:03pm 19/11/12
hoped for the entire game to be put into the dragon age engine.


Or Skyrim, I'm not fussy.
Posted 04:19pm 19/11/12
O god no.

A big part of Baldur's Gate series was the beautifully hand painted and rendered backgrounds. The Dragon Age engine would destroy that art, also an RPG really needs 3rd person perspective, as the game is about the characters not you.

I for one, welcome the changes they bring. The multiplayer part can be dumped for all I care, it was never a multiplayer game.
Posted 07:03pm 19/11/12
Holy bait'n'switch batman!
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