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Post by Dan @ 03:47pm 25/07/12 | 13 Comments
THQ has released some new images from the hotly anticipated Company of Heroes 2, and some accompanying new information from developer Relic Entertainment about the game's environmental effects.

As the sequel surrounds the events of World War 2's Eastern Front, the latest images all follow the theme of frosty soviet winter, but Relic explains how the game's environment effects will now have a much greater impact on gameplay, going so far to describe the weather as "the third player" in the game.
Any historian will attest to the huge role the brutal Soviet winter played in the Eastern Front theatre of World War II and this is now realistically simulated in-game thanks to Relic Entertainment’s new Essence™ Engine 3.0 and its ColdTech system.

ColdTech includes an ‘extreme cold’ mechanic which accurately encapsulates the Soviet winter which reached extremes of -40 degrees F in 1941. At those temperatures human skin will freeze in a matter of minutes, something that is portrayed in the game. On winter maps, Infantry units exposed to the bitter cold will gradually freeze to death unless the player keeps them warm by building fires and garrisoning them in buildings. Dynamic blizzards will increase the effects of extreme cold making it even more hazardous to leave infantry in the open.
Further, ColdTech will cause snow fall to dynamically accumulate and receed during gameplay, with realistic depth that affects unit movements, mark vehicle tracks and can be melted or removed by players. And frozen waterways will serve as perilous paths for units, that can be destroyed from under them by opponents.

Hit the thumbs below for a closer look at the latest images. Company of Heroes is due exclusively on PC in early 2013.

company of heroes 2screenshotsthqrelic entertainment
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:34pm 25/7/12
Awww man can't wait. Probably need to upgrade my POS PC to play it on decent settings.
Posted 04:35pm 25/7/12
Cmon THQ is that all you have offer?
Posted 05:11pm 25/7/12
Its looking better all the time.
Posted 05:55pm 25/7/12
Wow I hope S***Tech doesn't make its way into multiplayer.
Posted 06:11pm 25/7/12
Haha just last night I learned for the first time in Men of War that I can indeed plunge a heavy vehicle through thin ice, just like in the above screenshot.
Posted 07:17pm 25/7/12
These make good wallpaper too, Glad a developer finally found the 1080p settings for their computer to take a screenshot instead of 720.
Posted 07:43pm 25/7/12
Really looking forward to this, CoH is one of my favourite games.
Posted 09:24pm 25/7/12
Never played the original but i heard it was awesome. How much skill is involved with the online play? Starcraft level?
Posted 09:48pm 25/7/12
Less APM required because resource management is all about map control. Still a lot of skill required. Multiplayer is extremely awesome. Probably my favourite RTS MP ever and I played a s*** load of sc2.
Posted 10:55pm 25/7/12
This game completely dominates sc2.
Posted 08:36am 26/7/12
This game completely dominates sc2.


I'm so pumped for this. CoH is one of the best rts games ever. EVER!
Posted 10:15am 26/7/12
This game completely dominates sc2.

Only total RTS noobs would think that. CoH has two different races as opposed to SC's amazingly balanced three, which require way more different builds and strategies. SC also has much more varied units (and abilities) which make the game a lot more interesting.

Compared to SC, CoH's multiplayer (which I have played) is rinse and repeat. I still think it is an excellent game and a lot of fun, but there are reasons for SC's popularity and they are mostly to do with its gameplay.

Also SC is a f*****g national sport in Korea. More l33t azns prefer SC.
Posted 12:06pm 26/7/12
yes SC must be better since azns prefer it.
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