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Post by Eorl @ 11:46am 20/07/12 | 11 Comments
If you've been living under a rock for the past few months you might not know about the recent zombie post-apocalyptic mod for ARMA 2, DayZ. It combines what many zombie fanatics have been craving for - a realistic game that involves surviving off what little food and water there is, ensuring you are well stocked with weapons while being under the watchful eye of other survivors.

Today it seems a new competitor has entered the ring, with developer Hammerpoint Interactive announcing their newest title, The War Z. Talking to IGN, Arktos Executive Producer, Sergey Titov, and Hammerpoint Interactive Senior Game Designer, Eric Nordin, have revealed that this zombie-themed game will be a survival MMO that will stray away from DayZ, but offer that realistic feature we've come to know.
The game is set five years after a “zombie apocalypse," so most of the human population is either dead or turned into zombies. Cities are decaying, resources are scarce and scattered around the world. About a year prior to when the game begins, a special, mutated type of zombie is discovered. These zombies have stem cells can be extracted and used to create a vaccine that cures humans of the zombie virus.

People around the world are hunting these “special” zombies, however they can only be found at night, and they are rare, so players will need to go to places where zombies gather in masses – namely – big cities, larger towns, etc. If you hunt these special zombies and extract the stem cells, you’ll be able to sell them to merchants at “safe settlements” for Gold Coins – the most valuable currency in the game.
While details are still light, the IGN article reveals that there will be two different modes to play in, giving a large amount of options to the player. The normal mode will allow players who have a tighter playtime the ability to jump in and enjoy the survival aspects that The War Z offers, however players will not start with a gun. In hardcore mode, players will start with a gun, however this also means tougher enemies, more realistic survival mechanics and hopefully harsher consequences.

For more on The War Z, make sure you check out IGN's article which delves deeper into the mechanics, including discussion on bandits, PVP, fortifications and more. For those interested, you can sign up on the official website for a chance to get into the closed beta that will be coming soon.


Latest Comments
Posted 12:20pm 20/7/12
Be interesting to see if they can pull it off, hope so.
Posted 12:27pm 20/7/12
I saw reddit were on both sides of the fence with this game. They claim it's a knock off of DayZ despite the fact that this was in development before DayZ alpha. Either way it's all good news for Zombie fans.
Posted 12:37pm 20/7/12
bah thought it was going to be a game based off world war z.
Posted 02:52pm 20/7/12
Yea I would have at least changed the name if I were them. But I'm not sure it's a direct rip off, the zombie genre seems to be (finally) steering towards survival. E.g DayZ, Project Zomboid, Dead State, Survarium, that PS3 only game with the father and daughter, Dead Island (sorta), that game from Bowlings new studio etc.
Posted 12:52pm 20/7/12
Doesnt seem to say if you can build your own camps, or vehicles etc..

Big part of the future of DayZ
Posted 01:09pm 20/7/12
I hope day z can get a commercial product together before these guys obviously rip off them. Dayz has so much potential
Posted 03:12pm 20/7/12
Interesting, but the levelling and skills is actually a down side for me.
Posted 03:37pm 20/7/12
Yeah, I thought it was a World War Z game as well. Am disappoint.
Posted 04:06pm 20/7/12
Rocket has so much cool s*** planned for Day-Z. Such as being able to get power plants running and powering different cities and stuff.
Posted 04:29pm 20/7/12
No no, its a direct rip off.
In fact some of the very ideas that are in the game are from threads I have read from DayZ. (Just read the suggestions forums and see if you don't lol @ where 'WarZ' has gotten its ideas from, yep, DayZ community).
The developers admit to inspiration taken from DayZ and the domains etc. go from May 2012 I think so after DayZ.
Also its from the same devs as War Inc. Its highly suspected WarZ is going to just be a modified version off that engine (and when you look at War Inc. screenshots I reckon you can see where the WarZ shots came from).

Given War Inc. seems to be quite pay-to-win (what I can tell doing some research on the steam forums) and the devs admittance to there being micro-transactions for this WarZ I think it's going to be a cash-crab and possibly suck the sweat of some giant balls.

However, its got Zombies and I'm a sucker for Zombies so I'll be throwing my money at the monitor anyway and if it turns out to be s*** then oh well. If it turns out to be ok, then two styles of games to play (DayZ + WarZ)

last edited by Mephz at 16:29:32 20/Jul/12
Posted 11:30pm 09/9/12
Given War Inc. seems to be quite pay-to-win (what I can tell doing some research on the steam forums) and the devs admittance to there being micro-transactions for this WarZ I think it's going to be a cash-crab and possibly suck the sweat of some giant balls.

In the FAQ on their website, it says that the microtransactions will be convenience items and cosmetic things.

The ability to skip the character lockout when dying on normal mode, for instance.

However, you'll be able to gain the gold coin currency in-game through harvesting zombies or something like that.

Anyhoo, Keep your eyes open for it soon, because I think they're about to launch a "pre-order and get access to alpha / beta / all other updates free" type dealio, like MC did.

And despite the fact that it's a "direct ripoff", I honestly don't care because it has more s*** to do, will run smoother, have bigger servers, more maps that will be free, some kind of progression system to give you a carrot dangling infront of you and more.

So I'm buying it because it'll tide me over until DayZ standalone comes out and then I'll probably play both games.
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