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Post by Dan @ 09:32am 20/07/12 | 12 Comments
EA and DICE have released the first gameplay trailer for the next scheduled downloadable content expansion for Battlefield 3. As the name suggests, Armored Kill will be a vehicular-focused outing, boasting some of the largest maps in BF history:
Taking vehicular mayhem to the next level as only Battlefield can, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill features 5 new drivable vehicles including mobile artillery, tanks, ATV's complete with over 20 vehicle specific unlocks. Players will also have the ability to spawn in the all-new gunship and rain death from above.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill also introduces a brand new mode to the Battlefield franchise, Tank Superiority, where heavy vehicles clash in order to control key areas of the map.
Today's trailer reportedly showcases two maps: Alborz Mountain and Bandar Desert -- the later supposedly being Battlefield biggest map ever, which you can read more about on the official Battlefield blog.

Watch the trailer below, or click here for the HD option.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is due in September 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and precedes two other promised content expansions -- Aftermath in December and End Game in March 2013.

battlefield 3trailereadicedlc
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:25am 20/7/12
I really enjoyed the vanilla version which I won from Ausgamers, and so haven't actually paid for anything battlefield, yet still feel indignant at all these expansion packs adding content which should have been there at release. :P
Posted 10:50am 20/7/12
I'm still yet to even play much of the Close Combat one, had a short bash when it came out and I enjoyed it, but too much other stuff to play and not enough time!
Posted 10:51am 20/7/12
I got Premium so YAY!
Posted 10:55am 20/7/12

*wets pants*
Posted 11:30am 20/7/12
I enjoyed first release but it defin felt like there was something lacking (maps)... I agree with Nerfy, This stuff should have been added day 1... I didnt purchase close combat and i dont think i'll buy this either. I'm enjoying tribes for my fps fix and CS:GO is coming out in a month.
Posted 12:31pm 20/7/12
The problem with BF3 is that it's a good game, a pretty damn good game. With some major flaws.

Most noticeably the maps. They're inconsistent and many don't capture the BF vibe.

Despite that, it's lots of fun.

This looks more like exactly what was needed. The same was Back to Karkand really improved the release game.

Close Quarters is actually lots of fun, but the latency and hit detection errors are insanely bad in it. Still it is lots of fun.

Can't wait for this!

When you see them making maps like these, you know that BF4 can be awesome if DICE learns. I personally think there's some untold story of a major problem with the development of BF3.
Posted 12:41pm 20/7/12
This stuff should have been added day 1

Day 1 DLC, fair enough, theres an argument to be made there about how it should have been part of the game, but maps that come out almost a year later? Thats reaching a bit far.

Better hide this thread from Crakaveli though, he'll hate seeing me defend common sense on the internet again!
Posted 12:51pm 20/7/12
I'm still yet to even play much of the Close Combat one, had a short bash when it came out and I enjoyed it, but too much other stuff to play and not enough tim

i wish i could justify buying like every game and never finishing any of them like you :p
Posted 01:20pm 20/7/12
Yeah, its unjustifiable, but I can't help myself :(
Posted 08:26pm 20/7/12
The problem with BF3 is that it's a good game, a pretty damn good game. With some major flaws.

I don't really have a problem with it apart from 2 things, no spectator mode and the client side hit detection can be the most frustrating s*** ever. I hate that I'll pop around a corner sometimes to look at something move back to cover and die 2 seconds later. If that didn't happen my K:D would be soo much better. There is a way to use it to your advantage though esp against people that have higher pings than you.

I got the premium pack but I have only played CQ a few times, it's not bad but the maps don't appeal to me and I don't know why, they should because I never really have to worry about sniper fire and I play as support. Gunmaster is a really good game mode though, I recommend giving that a go if you haven't already.

Although this is the most expensive game I have ever bought and I am one of those people who say it should all come with the game I can kind of deal with this premium pack DLC. I mean the game folder its self is over 20gb, and will only grow with all this extra s***. DLC is alrightish imo if you get your money worth. DLC in COD for example is not.
Posted 02:01pm 21/7/12
Yeah as far as money. Even after I bought premium. I think it's cost me like 40-50cents an hour of play at this stage. That's good value. Something where after the next three map packs. It'll be way more.

I don't want such thinking to encourage pay to play models. However it's how I often justify things like DLC.

Also premium more than doubles the maps of the original game. So eh, it's worth it. I also think a factor is. Now they're making maps when they're comfortable with the new engine.
Posted 09:17pm 23/7/12
please let this be just as epic, fun and mind-blowingly addictive as the DC mod for BF:1942 was.

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