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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:48pm 16/07/12 | 8 Comments
So you've pretty much regained your life after losing hours and hours of it to Skyrim; likely patching up things with your significant other and begging for your job back. It'll never happen again, you profess.

Unfortunately, just when you think you're out, Bethesda pull you back in. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard has arrived and is the game's first official add-on and proves Todd Howard's promise the team would deliver more than just DLC, it would be more in the vein of an expansion, which is exactly what Dave "ko-zee-ii" Kozicki has been dabbling in for our review.

Click here for his full thoughts on Dawnguard.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:16pm 16/7/12
So how long till Microsoft stops stuffing dollar bills down Toddy's g-string so the rest of the gaming community can you know have a go at the expansion?

P.S. Nice review ;)

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Posted 05:15pm 16/7/12
So ... has it actually arrived on PC yet?
Posted 05:44pm 16/7/12
As far as I know it's only available on Xbox360
Posted 06:02pm 16/7/12
If the rumoured 30 days is true it won't be until the 26th for PC/ps3 :(
Posted 08:02pm 16/7/12
Lol, surely there's enough in that game to keep you occupied til then. I've barely attempted the main story, i doubt that anyone's left no stone unturned...
Posted 09:19am 26/7/12
^ I agree, i've reached really high levels and then restarted about 4 times and i'm still discovering new side-quests and various caves and all that :)
Posted 09:28am 26/7/12
Now that you have reviewed it can we switch the advertisements before videos start... to something else at the very least
Posted 02:12pm 05/10/12
The new DLC is out on steam - Hearthfire
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