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If you thought there wasn't enough mechanized related movies recently besides your usual Transformers, it seems that is all about to change with publisher Meteor Entertainment and developer Adhesive Games announcing a Hollywood deal for their upcoming Mech game, Hawken.

While details are still being sorted out, director Scott Waug (Act of Valor) is heading the new film with the Bandito Brothers producing alongside. The team will be developing their ideas to present to studios later this year.
“The plan for Hawken has always been to be a transmedia design, which means it is not just a game,” said Khang Le, CEO, co-founder and creative director at Adhesive Games. “We have a whole universe for the player to grasp onto, including upcoming comic books, novels, a movie, an anime, and live action shorts.”
It isn't just movies that the Hawken team want to produce, with Warner Premiere, a division of Warner Brothers, wanting to create a digital series based on Hawken to be produced by Copper Media, a division of Silver Pictures, and DJ2 Entertainment.
"Original Web series have arrived,” said Long. “I think we'll look back on this fall with the launch of the Hawken and Halo mini-series as when the premiere of Web programs became major entertainment events. It doesn't get any bigger than Joel Silver and Warner Bros."

"Also as producers on all the Hawken transmedia content, DJ2 has been able to coordinate a remarkable amount of canon-consistent interrelation between all the various story-lines," added Dmitri Johnson, Partner/CEO of DJ2. "Fans who seek out all the Hawken media are going to gain a deeper understanding of key events and characters in the Hawken-verse."
If that wasn't enough Hawken news, the developers have also teased that a comic series is also in development, though no information has been given yet on what the comics will be based on.

Hawken will be arriving on PCs and Gaikai-ready (in US and EU) on December 12 this year. Check out our game page for more info, screenshots and trailers.

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Posted 08:43am 28/7/12
new web series trail0r.

Posted 09:57am 28/7/12
ooooo yeah buddy ive been waiting for a game like this since mechwarrior 2. I think this is the kind of game FPS fans need to mix it up a bit. I dont normally say I will buy games without trying them first but il gamble with this.
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