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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:52pm 12/07/12 | 7 Comments
That's right. As outed by Aussie Kotaku honcho, Luke Plunkett, EA has charged BioWare with bringing Ultima back, again, only this time the game will be part of the EA Play 4 Free label and features a much more cartoonish look.

It's a bit of a double-edged sword with EA and Ultima, but at least BioWare are probably one of the best teams to handle such a project, and as Plunkett points out, at least there's mention of "Lady British" but really, the jury will be out on this one right up until it's released methinks. EA, however, are confident of their new venture boasting that "the first great Western RPG has been lovingly restored in Ultima Forever". We'll be the judge of that, EA.

Sign up for the beta by clicking here.

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Posted 06:56pm 12/7/12
the jusry

You know you can have a spell checker in built in many browsers these days ?

at least BioWare are probably one of the best teams to handle such a project

Why ?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:38pm 12/7/12

They make decent RPGs and were inspired to form in part due to a love of games like Ultima.

Your problem is?
Posted 09:21pm 12/7/12
signed up for the beta, I hope its good
Posted 12:47am 13/7/12
They make decent RPGs

Decent ? you said "best", an absolute.

Perhaps I am jaded by their effort with SWTOR (and dragon age 2 for that matter).
Posted 10:26am 13/7/12
He said one of the best.
Posted 10:39am 13/7/12
I was under the impression that this one was being handled by Bioware Mythic (as in the Warhammer Online team). Is it actually being handled by Bioware proper?
Posted 11:00am 13/7/12
I'm setting the bar on this very low. I expect it to disappoint, thoroughly. Hopefully it will exceed that bar.
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