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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:25am 12/07/12 | 9 Comments
Variety seems to think so, and they claim it's part of a larger push to have all Justice League characters seen in some form of media or another ahead of a big-screen project featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman.

The Variety report suggests the Batman: Arkham team will actually produce a prequel of sorts, based around the Silver Age Comics' plot that sees Batman's first run-in with The Joker and his subsequent formation of the Justice League with Superman. The report also goes into detail surrounding other DC-related projects also in line to help build momentum for a Justice League movie, being produced as a major focus for Warner Bros in the wake of Marvel and Disney's success with The Avengers, which grossed 1.5 billion at the box office.

At last year's Spike TV Awards, however, Rocksteady produced a CG clip featuring Joker holding a manilla folder with the title "Arkham World" sprawled across the front. The Joker also quipped that no one should have seen that. You can also overhear thugs in Arkham City referencing Arkham World, and many of the peripheral quests in Arkham City could be seen as stepping stones to the next "Arkham" entry in Rocksteady's massively successful Batman videogame romp.

There's also the case that any time spent working on a JL game is time spent away from Batman proper. What do you think? Would you like to see Rocksteady work on a Justice League game, or continue on with their gritty Batman: Arkham series?

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Posted 11:49am 12/7/12
Arkham City actually felt pretty final to me, didn't feel like the setup for a sequel, felt like the end of a story. Maybe I missed some of the subtleties or subtext, but yeah, it felt pretty closed to me, so I'd be happy for Rocksteady to try their hand at something a bit different and bring a few more heroes into the mix.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:18pm 12/7/12
Well there's the idea The Joker could use the Lazarus pit to come back to life, there's the whole Azrael angle, who hired Deadshot, Ras and Talia... and Scarecrow and Killer Croc - what of those guys?

I'd be happy if they split the team and maintained the creative leads of Batman on Batman like Sefton Hill etc
Posted 01:03pm 12/7/12
i would like to see them try something else. a justice league game would be awesome.
Posted 01:07pm 12/7/12
They have the superhero formula down pat, so being able to go and make other comic book heroes would be a dream come true for many. I just really want a Deadpool game...
Posted 01:37pm 12/7/12
Well they have sort of set up for the next batman game. Your encounters with Hush, Harley and her being preggers, and some other stuff make me think there will be another game. Either way, whatever it is I will get it. AA and AC were f*****g amazing. I'd love to see more Nightwing and/or Green Lantern.
Posted 02:19pm 12/7/12
i think the harley quinn's revenge DLC for arkham city reveals she's not actually pregnant.
Posted 02:34pm 12/7/12
Yeah, most of those things didn't feel like loose ends to me. The characters like Deadshot and Azrael felt like they were really just cameos, thrown in for fan service really, didn't feel like their stories were supposed to have any depth or on-going meaning to them. And scarecrow and killer croc were already in the first game, so their absense probably doesn't really come down to anything more than "been there, done that".

Not saying that some of that stuff might not be used as story hooks if they do make another one, but it doesn't feel to me like they're open-ended stories waiting for closure.

Either way I'd be happy though, whatever they make its going to be awesome, and if they split up into two teams and make two games then thats just double the awesome!
Posted 05:08pm 12/7/12
I haven't finished the Harley DLC, admittedly.

If I remember correctly though, the encounter with Hush made me think that if they decide to do another game in the story, it'd some how revolve around him.
Posted 07:11pm 12/7/12
Yeah, actually, the Hush thing did feel like a lead in to something else or a story hook for a sequel, but then the other thing it felt like was a cheap way to put Hush in the game without them really having to do much work, so it could have just been that. I mean theres not *really* much that Hush could do in that situation anyway, since his main sort of gig is the fact he surgically altered himself to look like Bruce Wayne then tries to steal his life, which is a bit of a big story to tell in a tiny cameo side mission.
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