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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:09am 09/07/12 | 7 Comments
Rabid Ninty fans will immediately run with this as gospel, but there's nothing official about recent comments made by Nintendo's enigmatic head of development, Shigeru Miyamoto, and the Metroid possibilities with their forthcoming Wii U home console.

In a chat with IGN, Miyamoto explained that he thought Metroid was a good fit for the Wii U controller, but didn't go into any development specifics, much to mine, and many others' chagrin.

"With Metroid it’s very easy to imagine some interesting implementation for Wii U," Miyamoto said.

"I think that having another screen with the gyro built in really gives you a lot of interesting opportunities for development, and we can bring a lot of our games to life in a completely unique way with that.

"I feel like the possibilities of the GamePad for Metroid could be really fantastic," he added. "There's certainly a lot that you could do there for that game."

He also mentioned that the franchise he'd most like to see on Wii U is Star Fox. Here here, Shiggy. Here here.

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Posted 11:10am 09/7/12
Those two would be great, also F-Zero.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:25am 09/7/12
Yeah, I'd love to see an F-Zero series return. GameCube F-Zero was among my favourite GC titles
Posted 12:22pm 09/7/12
i'm all for another Metroid game, however only if it goes the SF4 route in being all 3D models and such but it being a side scroller like Super Metroid was. Also I never played an F-Zero game as I was never really into racing games outside of carmageddon.
Posted 12:51pm 09/7/12
The only thing that's important for the next Metroid is to completely ignore Other M happened.
Posted 01:33pm 09/7/12
I haven't played Other M but it has a user score of 8.3 on GameSpot.

I'm playing Prime 3 at the moment and I want to check it out eventually. Why don't you like it?
Posted 04:26pm 09/7/12
Other M was cool at first but they turned samus into a bit of a whiny b****. That and the fact she actually starts the games with all her upgrades but decides to turn them off and only activate them when some dude tells her to. Which makes no friggen sense. If you walk into an area that hurts you due to needing a Varia suit she wont activate it because the dude hasn't said she can. Seriously? I guess they wanted to show her as vulnerable as well as strong but they just missed the mark IMO. Monologues and strange upgrade design choices aside, it's a fun action game. Still want a Super Metroid style side scrolling exploration game though.

At least she has a nice voice which I thought was somewhat suited to her.

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Posted 04:35pm 09/7/12
Yeah, the story and dialogue and stuff in Other M was weird, but I quite enjoyed the gameplay
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