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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:58am 03/07/12 | 19 Comments
We reported on a rumour a short while back that Creative Assembly were once again revisiting one of their more popular periods in history with Total War: Rome 2.

Overnight this rumour was confirmed, and in 2013 we will most definitely see a sequel to one of the team's most popular Total War entries, following on from the success of their equally popular revisit of Japan with Total War: Shogun 2.

"In our 25th year of games development, it feels fitting to return to our most critically acclaimed era,” said Rob Bartholomew, Brand Director via press release. “There’s been a multi-generational leap in technology since the original game and we are ready to set another benchmark in gaming."

"Our games have always encompassed a grand vision,” Mike Simpson, the game's Creative Director added. “But we’re now pushing that vision at both ends of the spectrum. From the immense reach of the sandbox campaign right down to the human-level drama of a single warrior on the battlefield, we’re aiming for an unprecedented level of detail and scale.”

Currently Total War: Rome II is marked for release in 2013, with no other release specifics revealed. We do, however, have a new batch of art and screens you can check out via the thumbnails below, as well as more info on what to expect from the game through our Total War: Rome II game page. Stay tuned for more as it becomes available.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:06pm 03/7/12
Do want.
Posted 02:27pm 03/7/12
F***. Yeah.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 02:38pm 03/7/12
Oh happy days!!
Posted 02:55pm 03/7/12
Posted 04:30pm 03/7/12
they should have done game of thrones total war, that would have been awesome
Posted 05:52pm 03/7/12
Ok thats it, f*** off December 2012 Apocalypse I now have a reason to live.
Posted 05:55pm 03/7/12
Yes! I can again unleash my legions on those hellish barbarians....

...then unlock them and unleash hell upon those roman dogs in another play through!
Posted 06:36pm 03/7/12
Unleash the dogs! And flaming pigs.
Posted 06:40pm 03/7/12
Never played Rome, This may interest me though. I loved Empire (my first total war) and Shogun2.
Posted 07:08pm 03/7/12
^ Oh man, and those two were just 'ok' compared to Medieval 2 and Rome.
Posted 07:29pm 03/7/12
I liked the new additions with shogun a lot but I find feudal japan to be really f*****g boring.
Posted 08:22pm 03/7/12
I loved rome - the superior quality of the Roman troops made for some awesome battles. I played a tonne of this back in college before i discovered DOTA and COD multiplayer games on campus.

Medieval 2 i never fully understood as i hated choosing between towns and fortresses. I wanted the extra cash of the towns but lost the superior units of the fortesses. Still had a tonne of fun with it.

Empire looked good but had some big changes and i never really got in to it. Need a new PC to run at better framerates too.

Shogun 2 i bought but will save til when i can enjoy the visual qualities with a new PC.
Posted 08:28pm 03/7/12

Posted 08:34pm 03/7/12
Nah, i liked the guys that threw spears @ close range. The dudes with swords.
Posted 08:40pm 03/7/12
Then this will be like weirdly rigid porn for you:

Posted 08:41pm 03/7/12
I should install Empire again, Would work even better since I updated mt rig too.
Posted 10:17pm 03/7/12
Yeah thats them. Loved when barbarians would charge @ a wall of them only to be smashed by spears and retreat before they even made contact with em. Then unleash hounds on the retreating f*****s.
Posted 10:39pm 03/7/12
Posted 08:14pm 17/7/12
I forgot about things like this.

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