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Post by Dan @ 10:55am 02/07/12 | 7 Comments
Like a bunch of other Valve products, it has been in "beta" for quite some time now, but the official Left 4 Dead blog has now revealed that the Cold Stream DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 will be officially released on July 24th 2012.

The launch date applies to both PC and Xbox 360 versions of L4D2 and comprises of the Cold Stream campaign as well as Blood Harvest, Crash Course, Cold Stream, Dead Air, and Death Toll. The blog promises some "other surprises and details" and explains that a patch update that will coincide with the launch also opens up access to all mutations at all times

left 4 dead 2dlcrelease date
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:06am 02/7/12
Been so long since I played L4D that I don't remember the map names, but are those all the L4D1 maps? So they're adding them into L4D2? Thats pretty cool if thats the case.

Was just saying to my brother on the weekend its been ages since I played some L4D2 and I wouldn't mind busting it out again sometime soon, so this is good timing!
Posted 11:46am 02/7/12
yeah they're all the l4d campaigns plus cold stream which is a community made campaign i think.
Posted 12:50pm 02/7/12
So funny I just re installed this last night. Might give it a crack now.
Posted 01:28pm 02/7/12
Still prefer L4D1. I do like that the old maps are being added to L4D2 though.

We had a tonne of fun playing versus rush games and it just wasnt as good in L4D2.

Also seems strange that adding old maps that i assume wouldnt be too hard to add, took so long.
Posted 06:18pm 02/7/12
They were trying to get around all the people sore that they released L4D2 only two months after L4D.
Posted 07:29pm 02/7/12
Best co-op shooter on the PC. Pumped over 1400hrs into this treasure. Hard Eight is by far the best of all the campain mutations IMO and having access to it at all times will be awesome. So this blog entry is just giving xbox 360 users access to something PC users have been enjoying for many months now.

A lot of people play versus nowdays so I wouldn't be surprised if the new feature had something to do with that. However, what the game really needs is the ability for move the ammo and guns spawns around in survival mode. I know most of the people at the top of the leaderboards (aussies & americans) and its been something we've all been hoping would come one day. Doubt that will be the surprise though :(
Posted 09:03pm 02/7/12
I never uninstalled it, s*** is fun for a bash no matter how old.

btw, basically the whole campaign from l4d1 has been added to it now, so I really cant see a reason for number 1, especially after they added the melee pause to that version as well :(
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