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Post by Eorl @ 09:58am 30/06/12 | 17 Comments
Funcom has today announced what every pre-order purchase has been waiting for, the oepning of early access for their upcoming modern-day MMO, The Secret World. For those who have pre-ordered, the early access will grant you an extra few days before the initial release on the 3rd of July, a head start many eager fans are enjoying now.
The Secret World’ presents players with a modern-day alternate reality where all the myths, legends and conspiracies of our world are true, and where hellish monsters threaten real-world locations such as Transylvania, Egypt and New England. When first entering the game players must enlist in a secret society – the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templars – and engage in a battle not only for the future of our world, but also for the power to control its governments and corporations to further their cause.
If you haven't yet pre-ordered the game and still want in on the early access period, simply head over to the official site and grab a copy of the game before July 3rd and you'll be able to start saving the world from those scary demons.

mmothe secret worldfuncomearly access
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:02am 30/6/12
Left it downloading overnight and destroyed my brothers quota, but I've got most of the client now, just a little bit to finish off.

Still dunno if I want to go Templars or the Illuminati though
Posted 01:18pm 30/6/12
Obes .. Templar
Posted 04:15pm 30/6/12
hated this game after playing beta weekends -.-
Posted 01:42am 01/7/12
Started playing last night, enjoying it more then I thought I would.

Started a Templar but thinking of switching to Dragon, I always like going to the underdog and it seems Dragons are the least favourite at the moment.
Posted 10:13am 01/7/12
Illuminate ftw
Posted 10:34am 01/7/12
So is it any good?
Posted 10:42am 01/7/12
Tic, its up to Funcoms' usual standard.
Posted 11:14am 01/7/12
So is it any good?

Depends who you ask really, it seems to be a rather polarising game. I love what I've played of it so far, feels very polished, and the whole story behind it is just awesome, its really what drew me in in the first place. Production values feel pretty high actually, its got great music, really good voice acting, and the ingame cutscenes are actually of pretty high quality instead of the s*** you normally expect from ingame cutscenes in an MMO.

The whole combat/skills/weapons system is actually a lot deeper than I thought too. Even though it plays out like pretty standard MMO combat (apart from a few differences in how you build resources, and the fact you can move around while casting stuff), making a build for your character and choosing your skills is something with a tonne of depth. Its all about building up different synergies between your skills and having skills which get stronger off the back of effects other skills apply and stuff. If you're really interested, this writeup does a much better job of explaining it than I just did, but even if you don't want to read the whole thing, just skimming it should give you an idea of how much there is too it.

I'm sure it has its flaws and as I play it more I'm sure there will be things that really start to bug me, but for the moment I'm really digging it. On the other hand though theres other people who are completely turned off by it and hate it, so I guess its hard to really recommend, seems to come down a lot to personal taste. It doesn't really feel like an MMO to me so far, more just a big open world RPG, but I haven't grouped up and done any instances or anything like that so its not like I've really experienced everything it has to offer. Not sure how long it'll last, but its fun for now.
Posted 12:06pm 01/7/12

Tic, its up to Funcoms' usual standard.

AoC is unfortunately my standard for Funcom games these days so am being a bit hesitant on picking up TSW.

Interesting thoughts there Khel, particularly that it feelsl ike a giant RPG. I'm keen to give it a go but I just wonder if it's going to be yet another MMO that doesn't interest me past the first 30 days. SWToR is at the very least revitalising my interest with the latest patch so I might stick that out for a bit longer.

Edit: On the flip side, having a single server is probably going to be a big advantage as there should be people online at all times to play! Dammit, now I'm looking at the TSW web site hovering over the "Buy now" button.
Posted 08:51am 02/7/12
This game is really growing on me. The puzzles and quests have set a new standard, for MMOs, in my opinion. I did feel great satifaction in solving my first puzzle with some vague clues and the in-game Internet browser to research. Great visuals and a uniquely disturbing atmospshere and mature setting. It's definately different.
Posted 02:11pm 02/7/12
This is a rockin game, very atmospheric, needs a ninja PC to get top notch graphics, but the fog zombie levels are awesome.

Just finished a mission in a dark car park with a miners hat on, very edge of the seat stuff.

Puzzle quest solving morse code message was f*****g hard, but worked it out with a iphone app. ingame Browser to google companies for info also win.

Rocking my M16 with life leach, really different.
Takes a little to get use to the graphic style, but once you settle in, its fine, full recorded voice.

I rate it a 8/10, -1 for some little bugs and -1 for Ninja PC min requirements but graphics not Ninja (Skyrim).
Posted 02:23pm 02/7/12
Yeah, and it seems to hate SLI, I can't get it using both the GPUs on my PC, it maxes out one while the other sits at like 5%
Posted 02:38pm 02/7/12
You guys are tempting me...
Posted 02:43pm 02/7/12
I had a friend buy this for me because she didn't want to play it alone. After a few hours on it I shall now retract all the bad things I said about it. While the beta has you locked into the templars and was just a seemingly random mash of scenes I really enjoy the Dragon storyline and idea behind it so far. Combat was annoying at first but I'm learning to enjoy it. Graphics aren't amazing but they don't need to be for an MMO and are still quite decent.
Posted 04:14pm 03/7/12

Quite useful site with some really well written guides.

In particular, this is a good guide to choosing your initial weapons and skills. And this is another guide going more indepth into skills and weapons and states and synergies and all that juicy stuff.

Heaps of other useful guides on there too, check it out.
Posted 04:50pm 03/7/12
Its pretty amazing how in-depth the combat system is. I thought originally it was just "pick 2 weapons you like" but its so much more than that. You really have to work out a good combo that bounce of each other well.
Posted 11:55am 05/7/12
Its probably one of the only MMOs where I don't feel like I'm playing to get to the next level or to grind out xp to get the next skill or whatever. At first during beta the limited number of quests you could hold annoyed me, but thats because I was approaching it like WoW questing where its like go to a quest hub, complete all the quests there, then move onto next quest hub and repeat. Its much less linear than that though in secret world, its more like you take on a mission, and go do it (while possibly doing a couple of side missions along the way) and when you complete it you're usually near someone else who can set you up with your next mission then you go do that. And instead of this linear progression from quest hub to quest hub, you end up with this really fluid, natural feeling progression where you're just exploring and making your way around the zone taking missions and doing stuff as you go.

Its not perfect, but they've really tapped into something with the game that I find really appealing.

Anyway, my Illuminati dude is called Khelzor for anyone who wants to add me ingame. I don't even know how the ingame friends stuff works cos I haven't looked at it yet, but I'd assume you just need the name of the character.
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