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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:52am 29/06/12 | 5 Comments
The behind-closed doors demos of Arkane Studios' Dishonored are now available for mass consumption, with the team releasing them as two separate videos today, one showcasing the stealth approach players can take to the game, and the other a more action-oriented path.

Both videos feature creative heads Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio narrating the on-screen action and also filling in bits and pieces about their development process, and each video comes in at just under 15-minutes, but we honestly can't stress enough that you should take the time out to check out gameplay from Dishonored.

Watch both videos embedded below, or right here and here for direct access.

arkane studiosdishonorede3gameplay demo
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:06pm 29/6/12
looking good
Posted 06:37pm 29/6/12
The other videos I saw made it look way better, the first one here makes him seem like he's 4 feet tall. That whole stopping in the middle of combat to just casually freeze time, or change whatever that option thing was seems kind of dumb & distracting from the gameplay. I liked the way crysis did it better, the menu came up and was more like a HUD inside his mask, gameplay still went on around you, getting shot, being stabbed, etc.

I was looking forward to this, now it just looks like yet another noob friendly console game. I'll wait for it to come on sale in steam for 10bux.

edit: found the videos:



Posted 07:03pm 29/6/12
they're working on a separate PC version which apparently has a different interface.
Posted 07:10pm 29/6/12
Swap the vids around for clarity.
Posted 07:37pm 29/6/12
can teleport and yet chooses to possess a fish and swim in throw a drain. makes sense!
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