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Post by Dan @ 10:25am 28/06/12 | 9 Comments
I don't know why any of us expected more, but those hoping for a Team Fortress animated series based on the Adult Swim TV networks earlier teasings, you're going to be pretty disappointed. That is of course, unless you really like TF2 hats.

That's right, the exciting mystery project was a Chicken hat for Team Fortress 2, supposedly a cross-promotion for Adult Swim's stop-motion sketch show Robot Chicken. Well, at least we got Meet the Pyro, and with the Source Filmmaker, fans can now make their own damn animated TF2 cartoons.

There's still a dim ray of hope we might see something more substitutional from this partnership in the future however, as the promoters promise that "this ain't the last you'll hear from Adult Swim and Valve", and a brief FAQ on the topic of whether they are making a Team Fortress Cartoon, instructs us to "Go ask your mother".

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:29am 28/6/12
Well that sure is anticlimactic
Posted 10:44am 28/6/12
It's what I expected. Still sounds like there's a TV show / movie in the works
Posted 11:52am 28/6/12
would be cool if the tf2 figurines showed up on robot chicken.
Posted 01:23pm 28/6/12
Source Filmmaker looks sweet as.
Posted 05:15pm 28/6/12
I'm guessing that they will showcase the best source filmmaker videos on adult swim.
Posted 10:26am 29/6/12
Just got an email from Adult Swim with a code for a chicken hat, but more interestingly, the email had this at the end:

Now you'll be the first to know when we have MORE new stuff coming down the ol' Steam pipe-hole... Because this ain't the last you'll hear from Adult Swim and Valve. Stay tuned.
Posted 10:43am 29/6/12
i havent got my code yet :(
Posted 12:05pm 29/6/12
you will get the code early july if you signed up after the update.
Posted 08:21pm 29/6/12
Source Filmmaker looks sweet as.

I gave it a go last night..

'was surprised to see that the character/weapon/effects drop when you go to 3rd person view.

still... I was kinda hoping that BF games would have something this good built in by now :(
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