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Post by Eorl @ 09:16am 27/06/12 | 5 Comments
Bioware and Lucas Arts announced today that the next update for their lightsaber filled MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is now available. While this latest updated (dubbed Allies) doesn't bring much in the way of new content, it strives to add features that the community felt were missing from the beginning.

The biggest addition is the new Group Finder, which will help any struggling servers join forces to take on the ever menacing flashpoints. Also included is the long-awaited Ranked PVP Warzones, Adaptive Gear, new Legacy System enhancements plus more.
“We are living up to our commitment in setting a new bar for what players should expect from a premium MMO service,” said Matthew Bromberg, General Manager of BioWare Austin. “In just six months, we have already released three major game updates that have added new content and game features that have addressed the feedback from our fans. And we are just getting started. By the end of this year, we are adding more Warzones, more Flashpoints, more Operations, more updates to the Legacy System, new companions, new storylines and more. We are very excited about the future.”
For a full run down of what has been added/removed/fixed in the Allies game update, head over to the official website. You can also check out the E3 2012 trailer below if you haven't already, which shows off one of the new features, Adaptive Gear, for the Star Wars MMO.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:00am 27/6/12
hopefully this will start to bring people back to the game.
Posted 11:36am 27/6/12
I'll be firing this up again and giving the LFG tool a good run over. That was probably my biggest complaint once I hit 50 was the motivation to find a group pretty much vanished outside for anyone outside the guild.
Posted 11:41pm 28/6/12
Tarpers need to come back immediately. My first run at LFG ended very badly .. it seems I've forgotten how to play and randoms are not very forgiving.
Posted 12:42am 29/6/12
Haha, I logged on last night and Juggernaut talents had had an overhaul and my points had been refunded, so ended up spending my time coming reading the new talents and coming up with a new build and re-familiarising myself with how to tank s***, but went to bed before running anything significant.

I do like the changes though, should have better aoe threat now, and backhand is free! I love backhand, and its a great snap threat builder, but it sucked when it cost rage and you'd get yourself in a spot where you needed to use it but didn't have the rage to use it.
Posted 12:03pm 29/6/12
Im going to start playing again now. I am only like level 20 or something but did enjoy the game when it was first released. I hope I can get back into it.
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