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Post by Dan @ 11:01am 26/06/12 | 16 Comments
The ever-resourceful users over on the NeoGAF forums have picked up on what appears to be teaser image for a new game in The Creative Assembly's acclaimed Total War series in the latest issue of Australian print mag PC Powerplay (via: CVG).

The telling image features artwork from the 2004 strategy game Rome: Total War with the large Roman numeral II overlayed, suggesting that the next issue of the magazine will feature a full reveal of what we presume will be "Total War: Rome II" (the GAF users and CVG seem to have forgotten that SEGA moved the 'Total War' part to the title's prefix for the launch of Shogun 2).

The magazine supposedly goes on sale July 18th, but it's unlikely they'll be the only ones in the know by then, so stay tuned for more details as we hear about them.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:04am 26/6/12
Hells yes, now they just need to also get back whoever did the music for Rome and Medieval 2, who I think I read left after that.

Or just reuse the old music.
Posted 11:22am 26/6/12
If they do this right, goodbye to my life again.
Posted 11:32am 26/6/12
I couldn't find the appeal in these games. I really wanted to like them, because ancient wars are awesome, but it just didn't seem an immersive experience. Maybe if you were able to become a soldier / archer etc and have a more skill-based individual impact rather than RTS commanding kind of gameplay.

Did I miss the point?
Posted 11:41am 26/6/12
Yes you did! It's all about the epic sieges, open field tactics, morale breaking charges, mass mayhem fire trebuchets and ballistas, charging indestructible elephants which you'll most likely lose control of, etc. Not to mention the campaign map money machine, shoring up trade routes etc.

And the awesome awesome music.

Medieval 2 and Rome are easily two of the best games I've ever played.

Posted 11:49am 26/6/12
Hmm your passion is intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Will check out the vid later, thanks!
Posted 12:24pm 26/6/12
i did like the concept but didnt it have alot of bugs and problems with the game??
Posted 12:47pm 26/6/12
Posted 01:12pm 26/6/12
I don't recall bugs TiT, and I never even patched the game due to... having a demo version.

Thanks to steam sales, I now have all the total wars's.
Posted 01:40pm 26/6/12
Rome TW2 ? F*****g yes please.
Posted 02:05pm 26/6/12

Hopefully they keep most of the old features (traits gained, speeches, etc) but clean up the UI a ton.

Every time I try to go back and play a campaign, I think of the newer games UI and then die a little inside
Posted 02:24pm 26/6/12
I always switched to the hide away UIs, unsure if they had that in Rome, but it helps in M2.
Posted 02:38pm 26/6/12
Ah Rome: TW was a brilliant game, looking forward to leading my legions into battle again (if it is more than a rumour).
Posted 02:42pm 26/6/12
Rome: Total War kicked ass. I am looking forward to this.
Posted 04:35pm 26/6/12
I have been waiting for this. Hopefully we don't get price gouged as I'd love to get it as soon as it's out!

Rome: TW was my fav. Man, the epic battles I had in that. I remember once my small army faced an army that was like 5 times the size of mine, odds were not in our favour. Everyone died except my General and his retinue. They managed to counter charge all the other units and win the battle. Epic.
Posted 08:21am 03/7/12
It be real. I am not ready for such overwhelming majesty.

Posted 08:57am 03/7/12
http://www.totalwar.com/en_us/ splash is rome 2 total war
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