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Post by Dan @ 09:30am 25/06/12 | 4 Comments
With speculation overwhelmingly pointing towards an upcoming Team Fortress 2 animated TV series, the official website for US TV Network Comedy Central's Adult Swim department.

A promotional page on the Adult Swim site describes the venture only as "something you'll probably enjoy", teasing interested visitors with a message "To learn how their video game peanut butter will be getting in our network's chocolate, come back next week," and directing them to a newsletter sign-up page that features an image of TF2's pyro character with the caption "We're your new family now".

Adult Swim is known for its adult-orientated animated TV series such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Venture Bros and Sealab 2021.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:46am 25/6/12
I'm sure it won't be Half-Life 3 whatever it is.
Posted 09:57am 25/6/12
Posted 09:58am 25/6/12
Adult Swim, hell f*****g yeah, can't wait!
Posted 10:16am 25/6/12
there's a new blog post on the official tf2 site as well

Mmmmph mmmmph, mmmmm mmmmmp mmmmmph. Mmmmmph mpm! Mmmmmph mph mm! Hm mmmmmph, hmmmmph mm mmmmmph mmmmmph!

if you turn the longer ones into dashes and the shorter into dots, it spells monday in morse code.

meet the pyro released tomorrow?
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