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In a video interview with Arkane Studios' Harvey Smith, we delve into what's left for Dishonored ahead of its October release, as well as ask the creative director how the PC version is faring, with some very positive answers across all three major platforms.

"One of the great things about Arkane, is that we have different factions on the team that represent each of the platforms," Smith explained to us. "So we have fanatical Xbox guys that want to make sure their Achievements are handled correctly; we have a lot of old-school PC guys that want to make sure that there’s no mouse-acceleration forced on you, and you can turn off parts of the HUD, and that the key-bindings are right. And also on the PC of course, you can run at 60 frames a second, which is pretty sweet."

Sounds awesome, really.

Click here for the full interview feature, and forgive us for the out-of-focusness of some of it (stupid auto-focus).

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Posted 08:32pm 21/6/12
any mention of FOV?
Posted 11:41am 22/6/12
Nice interview. Also, that lightning in the background was so mesmorising.
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