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Post by Eorl @ 05:57am 16/06/12 | 28 Comments
While no actual announcement has been released except for this teasing post on their Facebook, a leaked video (thanks Nerfy) of what appears to be Garrett from Thief 4 is getting the Internet in a storm.

Back in 2009 Eidos Montreal announced their second secret title, Thief 4, which has since been in the shadows with no real news besides a tantalising website. While Eidos Montreal hasn't necessarily said that the project has been scrapped, hopefully with this recent CGI trailer we can expect some more news for the great silent killer.

Check out the trailer below which shows off what one can only hope is Garrett with a new pop-out bow, similar to the recent Avengers star, Hawkeye.

eidos montrealleakedthief 4trailer

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Posted 10:06am 16/6/12
Well this blows away rumours of a modern Thief which is a great thing.

The CGI is poor quality to view but it seems to retain the Thief look and feel.

I am a massive Thief fan so I;m am very much looking forward to this game, my most anticipated game in a very long time.

The question is...Stephen Russell as Garrett still? and does it have the iconic loot sound?
Posted 10:45am 16/6/12
Hey where'd all our praise and whinging in the other thread go? :P

Well, anyway - Russell was a major voice actor in Skyrim, so there's good reason to be optimistic about his return.

I just hope that they don't turn Garrett into a flashy action hero, he always seemed less of an Assassin's Creed type ninja to me, and more like a Game of Thrones Bronn character, wielding a sword and bow while sneaking through mansions and nuttier situations...
Posted 10:27am 16/6/12
Sorry about that Nerfy, was the cleanest way to make it a news article and appear in Saturday feed, though you should of received the achievement!
Posted 11:26am 16/6/12
Sweet... bring it on!
Posted 11:28am 16/6/12
e always seemed less of an Assassin's Creed type ninja to me, and more like a Game of Thrones Bronn character

Yeah I don't want him turned into an Ezio either, he was always a misanthropic smartarse who always saw an opportunity to make himself rich, all without being seen.
Posted 05:31pm 16/6/12
30 seconds wasn't enough..

Ta for the UP though!
Posted 05:51pm 16/6/12
apparently square enix has been sitting on a completed trailer for some time now. it was supposed to be released last december but it wasn't for some reason. this is all according to a goldtooth creative (the guys that made the kick ass deus ex: hr trailers) editor's resume.
Posted 11:41pm 16/6/12
There are no words, only drool.
Posted 08:34am 17/6/12
If Deus Ex is anything to go by this game will rule. The stealth in Deus Ex was really well done.
Posted 03:24pm 17/6/12
I loved sneaking in Deus Ex HR, but it was fairly different from the classical thief way of doing it. Rather than doing cover to cover third person, it was completely first person, ala half life 1, and you had a light gem on the screen indicating how shadowed you were. You had full freedom to move around anywhere, and it was a more complicated matter of keeping to shadows (sometimes which you'd make by putting out lights). It wasn't in any sense a puzzle game though, guards wandered the huge estates fairly extensively and it was all very free form, which is what made it fun. They also worked on sound, making it often more like a game of cat and mouse. (It's surprisingly tense when you're backed into a corner of a shadow hoping that the guard won't check there after hearing something, particularly on the occasional supernatural level...)

Posted 03:39pm 17/6/12
The bank level was awesome in Thief 2, where there was guards who could hear real well because of the tiled hallways, the security cameras and just the guards always seemed to roam in pairs so you had to slow right down and take your time to take them out. Close second though is the rooftop on the way to the castle party level.

Oh and if they can't work out how to get rope arrows working in T4 and wuss out and give us climbing gloves again, they have to let them work everywhere and not just on certain walls.
Posted 03:43pm 17/6/12
Yeah those above two screenshots are from life of the party. God I loved that level so so much. The first half was like a separate mission in itself, and I think that I explored just about every nook and cranny, then you actually get to angel watch and have like six floors of stuff. As I vaguely recall reading somewhere, the dev who did that level was scooped for the Oblivion/Skyrim team, and I think made this city, which was very thief like.
Posted 03:47pm 17/6/12
I think my favorite thief level was int he first game where you have to sneak into that crazy guys mansion to steal a sword. The whole place was a trippy mindf*** with forced perspective tricks and illusions.

In hindsight it's probably better in my memory than it was in practice as graphically the thief games have aged pretty badly.
Posted 03:51pm 17/6/12
Haha yeah I never want to go back to that level with how the graphics must have aged. To be honest I never explored it properly, only played it once, and was overwhelmed by the amount of s*** that was happening to me (I seem to recall being bitten by bees or something, it was an emotionally upsetting experience).

Have some rad memories - god this game had amazing sound -

Posted 04:09pm 17/6/12
Posted 05:10pm 17/6/12
Posted 07:32pm 17/6/12
My favourite levels remains Assassins, TDP was the ultimate Thief for me and Thief: Gold only added more amazing goodness, it added missions that felt like they belonged in TDP and not just tacked on extras.

Having a great deal of fun playing these games (been playing TDP for what, 14 years now? and still enjoy it everytime lol.

Graphics have aged horribly for, but the Dark Engine never looked that good anyway. The sound though it is still better than 95% if games out there - atmosphere is so palpable. Eric Brosius is a legend of game sound. Thief was the first game that you had to have sound to play the game well.

Can't remember how many times back in those early days you would be sneaking around listening to guards come closer, then patrol away, the ambient noise and then suddenly Garrett would talk which would then enforce an underwear change of the brown variety lmao

The noise was just an amazing experience, even the loot sound today brings a big smile to my face, absolutely love it.

The game was so atmospheric, so beautifully realised, it was executed very well. It's a rather simple concept - Shadow, Stealth and Sound they are it's core concepts and they were weaved beautifully together, even T3 (TDS) was done very well, albeit with some concessions made towards a console orientated market.
Posted 07:37pm 17/6/12
I'm watching a speed run of T3 expert 100% items, and it's ages much better but obviously since it's only 8 years old. I might load it up, install the updated textures and have a bash at it again because it is a fun game even with the changes they made.
Posted 07:43pm 17/6/12
I stilled liked T3, though the story was a bit... awkward, and most of the level design was underwhelming (especially that keeper compound). But my main complaint is how atrocious many of the voices/lines were (the "be's here be's there" abuse of pagans, and just much of the general casting, seemingly in a different region).

The loss of the uniquely valuable difficulty levels/extended storyline was a disappointment as well. T1 and T2 are the only games where I've bothered to go back at a higher difficulty.

Though on the few cutscenes that weren't 3d rendered abominations, they managed to maintain the impossibly awesome sound design.
Posted 07:48pm 17/6/12
T3 was a great game, a lot of Thief fans don't like it so much but honestly it did capture the whole Thief feel. yeah being limited by gloves, no rope arrows etc... sucked, but it wasn't like other Thief games weren't limited either.

T3 was a game of significant contrasts: My biggest haterd of T3 was simply the Keeper Assassins - simply they were extremely poorly implemented. Of everything that is the one thing that really broke the story for me. My love of T3 though is some of the level design - the seaside mansion is beautiful to behold, I remember sneaking around under the glass dome thinking you know what would suck right now? lightning so of course a few seconds later lightning erupted overhead and I was illluminated. The Shaledridge Cradle was a gorgeous level, a fantastic experience, scary as all gets (well at least it is on expert difficulty), great story to it and a beautiful mixture of sound and lighting design - truly a beautiful level in gaming.
Posted 07:59pm 17/6/12
Yeah the cradle and seaside are the two that stood out, contrasted by the tiny tiny levels somewhat though.

In retrospect, that above cutscene reminds me hugely of the sound design from Avatar the Last Airbender, in the past lives/genocide scene, clearly converging styles of awesomeness.
Posted 08:10pm 17/6/12
Yes the whole loading zones in levels thing wasn't great and there were some small and rather generic "thief" type of levels, though I did enjoy the tight confines of the clock tower, I thought that was a great way of developing a level within a very confined space.

I hope they retain the stylised look of the Thief cutscenes though, they are iconic to the series as well.
Posted 08:20pm 17/6/12
After being reminded of the way T3 ends with him catching a girl trying to pick pocket him, it will be interesting to see how that comes into play if at all. I even wonder if the story will have a master/apprentice feel to it with him raising her to be a master thief. Would allow for a co-op feature but is this really the type of game for that? All games need a MP feature now it seems regardless of how suited it is so would that work?
Posted 08:28pm 17/6/12
There actually was a multiplayer Thief knock off called thievery I think, which people liked but I never tried.

If Thief 4 is about Garrett, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a prequel. They prequeled Deus Ex, and the backplot might be a bit much on newcomers...
Posted 08:34pm 17/6/12
Haven't played much of the third one, it certainly didn't draw me in like the first two. One thing I really dislike about it is the way he bobs around, but I suppose it is more realistic. It fits with the third person element.
Posted 08:36pm 17/6/12
A prequel would fit best I think, after he leaves the keepers and prior to the events that began in T1. It's pretty much free reign on things he can do.

Of course it could be post T3 and yes I've wondered myself how the ending to T3 would slot into Garretts previous solitary existence.

As for Multiplayer, well it has been done by fans before as Nerfy mentioned and it wasn't too bad. On the whole though Garrett is very much a solitary figure, THE master thief not just A master thief.

Co-op would be very fun though, if it were a prequel you could market it on two thieves in their early thieving careers teaming up for tough jobs etc.. I think that could be enjoyable.
Posted 08:38pm 17/6/12
I've thought one they could pull it off would be to turn it into a multi generational story, where you play several thieves/one-true-keepers in a row, trained by the previous, who always goes off to return to their thieving ways once they've trained the next...

I've thought far too much about this game..
Posted 11:17am 09/8/12
Apparently set for a release next year on next gen consoles. Source.
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