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Post by Eorl @ 11:48am 15/06/12 | 16 Comments
For those who have yet to grab a beta key for the upcoming weekend event for The Secret World, a Funcom developed MMO, make sure you check out this page for more details.
The third Beta Weekend for The Secret World starts on June 16th, and for nearly three days you will get to explore and enjoy even more of the game than ever before. In this Beta Weekend you get to play as Dragon, Templars and Illuminati, and sample the starter experience in the Seoul, London and New York hub cities.
No account is needed and we've got plenty to spare thanks to Funcom, so make sure you grab one before the beta begins this Saturday at 2am AEST.

We also have a local mirror to help anyone who is experiencing slow download speeds through the launcher, which you can find over here complete with instructions.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:20pm 15/6/12
Is there an ausgamers mirror of this build?
Posted 12:24pm 15/6/12
Currently no, but I'm hoping to have one up by tonight. It's a very large download going at somewhat trivial speeds which isn't helping.
Posted 12:32pm 15/6/12
Ok, grabbing it via their site atm and yea somewhat slow.
Posted 03:14pm 15/6/12
You can grab all the files now locally from AusGamers, check the original post for the link.
Posted 04:43pm 15/6/12
I assume this zip has the updater stuff in it in case it needs to update.
Posted 05:17pm 15/6/12
Cheers Eorl
Posted 07:16pm 15/6/12
ok so i keep getting unable to connect...
Posted 07:17pm 15/6/12
never mind.... it starts 15th in the states.... hurrr
Posted 07:44pm 15/6/12
Yea starts at 2am aus east coast.
Posted 08:22pm 15/6/12
So I grabbed the ausgamers client and went to start it up to make sure it's all good and now it's trying to DL another 7gb. Anyone else?
Posted 02:30pm 17/6/12
This game really sucks so far. Played illuminati for a few hours and it's both boring and bad in my opinion.
Posted 06:44pm 17/6/12
Posted 08:33pm 17/6/12
Yeah I haven't made up my mind as to whether I think this is any good or not yet. It reminds me a lot of Masquerade which should be a good thing since that was a great game.

Unfortunately it looks and plays like it is a game of the same era. Combat is pretty crap, I've been playing with pistols and fist weapons for self healing and the guns just seem to be really underwhelming in terms of action. Firing off a hundred rounds at point blank range into some kind of Blue Lagoon dwelling mofo sure sounds exciting but it's surprisingly monotonous.

This is a game that could have been really good with some third person shooter blended with the RPG elements but instead they went with magical AOE effects from pistols.

I kind of like the quest system where you have to pretty much chase them down one at a time and all the cut scenes when taking a quest are so much more immersive than some f*****g pop-up window. The cut-scenes that I had seen were really well put together as well, you didn't feel like the NPC's were just playing out random animations while talking, it seemed as though their moves were all deliberate and helped convey the dialogue much better.

I like the story so far and honestly despite playing like ass and looking worse I'd probably be happy to buy this game and play it through but I have no interest in it as an MMO. I've only had a limited experience but I really can't see how this game can be fun from a continual play point of view with raiding or PVP when the combat is so pedestrian.
Posted 11:08pm 17/6/12
Yeah, its pretty standard mmo combat though, which I know isn't really a defense and is a bit of a shame considering how muuch of an effort they've made to shun standard mmo mechanics in other areas. It does kind of feel it would play more fun as a shooter at times I guess, but the guy I played was mostly melee with some magic on the side so I spose I didn't notice it as much.

The one thing about the combat I spose I liked was that theres no requirement to stand still while you're casting stuff like there is in other mmos. You can be constantly running and moving while casting, which I liked, cos it made it feel a little more dynamic. Unfortunately, there usually wasn't any real reason to be moving around a lot, I found myself just doing it cos I could and cos it made it more interesting than just standing there, which I spose isn't really a good thing :(

I think I'm a bit the same as deadly overall, I dunno whether I think its good or not, and I dunno whether I want to get it or not. I loved the quests and how it didn't play out (progression wise) like a typical MMO, and how you had to actually think about your quests instead of just mindlessly following the arrow to the next waypoint, but I dunno how long that would stay interesting. I didn't think the graphics were that bad though, I thought they were pretty nice actually, but then I guess I have pretty low expectations for MMO graphics.
Posted 11:14pm 17/6/12
Oh, and I should probably add, I'm a total sucker for like old god s*** and cthulu type of stuff, so thats probably why I was loving the story so muuch as well. Throw in ancient orders of Templars and the Illuminati and crazy teleporting transit systems inside an alterate world in the middle of the Earth run by giant Steampunk guards and I'm pretty happy.

If anything, it'll be the cool story stuff like that that ends up selling me on it.
Posted 04:41pm 18/6/12
Yeah I probably shouldn't be so harsh on the graphics. It's set really low by default so that's what I was first struck by during the whole opening sequence, I went back in before the beta ended and upped everything to max and it did look a hell of a lot better.

I guess the only real complaint I have now is the combat (which is basically most of the gameplay) but that one isn't easily fixed. I also didn't try out any group stuff or PvP but I really don't see how that would be any fun with the combat system they have. In fact I could see PvP being incredibly s*** based on what little of the combat system I had experienced.

I like the fact that it's classless and I know that is a big selling point for them but it's one of those illusion of choice situations. It didn't make any difference to me if I was shooting with guns or attacking with a melee weapon, it was all point blank and felt the same. Even the ability wheel didn't make sense since you have to unlock everything sequentially so they are just making it look a lot more dynamic than it actually is by putting it in tiered circles.
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