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Post by Bromby @ 06:57pm 12/06/12 | 31 Comments
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters has landed and is now available for download - if you bought the Premium DLC, anyway. Otherwise you're waiting a week for the PS3 version, or two weeks for the Xbox/PC version. The feature list:

- Plunge into frantic and relentless infantry combat
- Vertical gameplay means death can come from any angle
- HD destruction lets you reduce entire locales to ruin
- Earn new weapons and bring them back to the base game
- Complete new Assignments and equip unique dog tags
- New Conquest Domination and Gun Master modes mix team play and instant action
Check out the Donya Fortress trailer below for a glimpse of the action. promoted/edited forum item

battlefield 3close quartersdlc
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Latest Comments
Posted 07:02pm 12/6/12
Posted 07:21pm 12/6/12
Only for premium (lolz)
Posted 07:23pm 12/6/12
shweet, will nab it when I get home. These maps are going to get hammered 64 player metro style I bet.
Posted 07:24pm 12/6/12
Why does my BF3 want to download 2gb? It better not be pre-installing this COD expansion pack!
Posted 07:29pm 12/6/12
Mosfx that's an update. Close Quarters is 2.8Gig
Posted 07:38pm 12/6/12
Posted 08:14pm 12/6/12
I bought the Premium pack for $50 purely because it includes the remained of DLC when its released.
Posted 08:56pm 12/6/12
yeah premium is better value than buying each of the dlcs separately.
Posted 09:05pm 12/6/12
s***, paying that would mean paying more than i spend on the game,
Posted 09:55pm 12/6/12
Nice bug

Posted 10:01pm 12/6/12
s***, paying that would mean paying more than i spend on the game

That's the whole point as far as EA is concerned ...
Posted 10:02pm 12/6/12
working fine for me, and it seems to be a strange glitch to get through testing.
Posted 10:05pm 12/6/12
Posted 10:10pm 12/6/12

This is like an expansion pack?

And will be available for DL from the PSN etc? (any idea how much?).
Posted 10:30pm 12/6/12
£40.00 off origin. lol get f***ed. ill stick to dota2
Posted 10:55pm 12/6/12
In BF3 is ramming generally frowned upon? Because this is me 90% of the time on some nights (I'm such a prick).

People get pretty s*****, but I don't see what's wrong with the strategy ...

last edited by parabol at 22:55:00 12/Jun/12
Posted 09:51am 13/6/12
i have question, i have russian version on my account can i just buy english expansion pack and everything will fine??
Posted 10:23am 13/6/12
TiT not sure mate, I don't see why it wouldn't?

Pretty happy with the new maps. They're alot bigger than I anticipated. New game modes are fun too. Gun Sentarty will burn out quickly though but it'll still have its place.
Posted 11:58am 13/6/12
was playing a bit of this, this morning. It's pretty good as I was getting sick of the huge standard maps and metro is just stupid and I can barely ever find people playing grand bazaar which I thought was odd.
Posted 02:47pm 13/6/12
I guess I will get Permeium, saves me having to worry about buying individually when the others are released.
Posted 04:32pm 13/6/12
Seems origin does not like my money, I keep getting Payment authorisation failed.
Posted 04:41pm 13/6/12
parabol, I don't have a problem with it *shrug*
shweet, will nab it when I get home. These maps are going to get hammered 64 player metro style I bet.

I log off whenever I'm on a 64 player server that changes to Metro.
Posted 04:42pm 13/6/12
up in the air about the premium. don't like the idea you pay $15-20 for a couple of maps DLC but at the same, i'm sure i dropped about $40-50 on BF2 expansions.
Posted 04:54pm 13/6/12
So no one else is having issues with buying the premeium thing? Why does EA not want my money...
Posted 05:44pm 13/6/12
F*** it I will just wait til it is released normally and buy it individually, I am not paying for B2K again anyway.
Posted 06:18pm 13/6/12
Been getting random disconnects every half hour, not very happy.
Posted 07:01pm 13/6/12
I had issues buying it for a friend. Paypal wouldn't allow me to change my card I drew from and it was weird when I used the CC option. Lame
Posted 01:52pm 14/6/12
CQ on PC is held back by the crappy netcode.

Lots of shooting people and not having hits register. Lots of being shot around corners, behind cover due to the client side hit detection.

It really could have been amazing. These flaws are there but less of an issue in standard maps. CQ's it's game breaking.

Which is odd why PC games are going backwards. COD used to be fine. Fast, responsive. Then they added match making and get these problems. BF3 then makes their servers have this problem with client side hit detection.
Posted 02:49pm 14/6/12
Haha, every time I'm winning the gunmaster mode I get a random disconnect.
Posted 04:55pm 14/6/12
Lots of shooting people and not having hits register. Lots of being shot around corners, behind cover due to the client side hit detection.
One of these cannot be true.
Posted 04:12am 16/6/12
One of these cannot be true.

You see you'd think that... but BF3 (and BF:BC2) suffer from retarded hitreg/lag bs all the time.

I have currently refused to pay more for the 'expansion' than I did for the base game, and what's worse is that those who have 'paid twice' now get to queue into servers in front of me...

(what kills me the most is that the group of mates I usually play this will all jumped in, both feet, willingly and only now seem to be scratching their heads after yet another buggy release of new maps...)
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