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Post by Eorl @ 01:52pm 12/06/12 | 8 Comments
Thanks to Funcom, we have a huge batch of beta keys to give away for the third beta weekend for the upcoming MMO, The Secret World. This latest MMO from Funcom takes place in real-world environments, and offers a wide range of choices to the player with no set classes, allowing for a more unique experience.
The third Beta Weekend for The Secret World starts on June 15th, and for nearly three days you will get explore and enjoy even more of the game than ever before. In this Beta Weekend you get to play as Dragon, Templars and Illuminati, and sample the starter experience in the Seoul, London and New York hub cities.
The third beta weekend will be running from 2am AEST on June 16th and lasts until 4.59pm AEST on June 18th.

For a chance to get into the beta weekend, check out this page where you can grab a key.

We have now opened up the giveaway to anyone and everyone, no need for an account!

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:57pm 12/6/12
Awesome! This will let me check it out to see if its worth it. Lets hope they have learned from AOC and AO.
Posted 02:11pm 12/6/12
sweet, this is great, been checking up on this game lately, now i get to try it out! woo
Posted 07:30pm 12/6/12
13gig download btw
Posted 08:15pm 12/6/12
I really enjoyed it in that first weekend I played, don't think I'll play anymore though cos I don't want to spoil it for myself if I end up getting it, but it was pretty different and interesting.
Posted 05:49am 13/6/12
Khel, how do you think the community will fair? Been keen on TSW for a while but if the community doesn't look like it will be very big then I'll stay away from it.
Posted 07:27am 13/6/12
Keen to give it a go - hopefully the overall gameplay can make up for the clunky animations I've seen in the videos
Posted 05:24pm 13/6/12
Don't really know how the community will go, not sure its going to be huge though, theres a lot of hate still out there for Funcom because of AoC so thats probably going to turn some people off. Also the game itself could be its own biggest enemy, not because its bad, but because its actually rather difficult in parts and requires the player to actually think, not just follow waypoints for the quests. Like your quest will just give you a clue, then its up to you to investigate, solve puzzles and put the pieces together. For example one quest just presents you with a cryptic illuminati phrase, and you have to work out what it means and find out what location and what item in that location it refers to, then that item has an inscription on it and you need to figure out what THAT means, which involves actually googling bible verses, which then points you to the next location, etc.

Its not spelled out for you step by step, its up to you to actually figure out, which I thought was absolutely awesome, but there was a lot of whinging about how hard it was even in the beta, so I could see it turning off a lot of the mindless noobs who just want to grind xp and complete quests that involve going to waypoints and clicking/killing things.

I really admire that they're taking this approach, and not dumbing it down forr the masses, but that could easily also be what sinks their game.
Posted 07:21pm 14/6/12
Ausgamers just got some pimping on the Secret World's facebook page, "You can now also get keys for the upcoming The Secret World Beta Weekend at AusGamers! Hurry while they last!" with a link to this thread
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