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Post by Dan @ 10:41am 12/06/12 | 24 Comments
It was originally supposed to launch in 2009 after that trailer got everyone excited back in 2008, but the dev team behind the fan-project to remake the original Half-life in the Source Engine has released a few new screenshots today, half-way through 2012.

There's still no updated release date on the project, but if it's any consolation, it is looking prettier than the last time we saw it and their Facebook updates promise more glimpses in "the near future".

Hit the thumbs below for the eight new revamped images of memorable Black Mesa locations.

black mesahalf-lifescreenshots

Latest Comments
Posted 10:45am 12/6/12
seriously - f*** that helicopter.
Posted 10:48am 12/6/12
Looking good, I would rather play this then Ep3.
Posted 10:49am 12/6/12
Doesn't really look that great. Maybe in 2008 it did.
Posted 11:10am 12/6/12
That's the problem with fans remaking something, sounds good for about 25 minutes then someone goes out to get ciggerettes and never returns having realised the gravity of a project that big.
Posted 03:26pm 12/6/12
Awesome, still happily waiting for this.
Posted 04:21pm 12/6/12
even if it came out today it would look just as s*** by today's standards as HL1 looked compared to HL2.

Just give up on it.
Posted 05:37pm 12/6/12
Looks great to me, guess i am easily satisfied. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, thats the problem with games these days unless they have a excessive about of bloom and hdr they just don't look good to people.
Posted 10:13pm 12/6/12
I played HL2 for about 1 hr and got bored to tears. Got CS source and hated it compared to 1.3. I loved HL1 however, so if i can use the source engine that came with CS source then I might just get my moneys worth outta that. I hope they're allowed to use all the original music, that really made that game.
Posted 10:23pm 12/6/12
tvcars you're doing it wrong.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:25am 13/6/12
I'd prolly check it out but just thinking of re-doing those xen levels again puts me off.
Posted 07:53pm 13/6/12
xen was only daunting because it was so different. playing it again years later as an older more seasoned gamer it isn't that bad, just feels so alien. and that was the point... i hated it at the time too.
Posted 08:02pm 13/6/12
i was freaked out by the boss at the end of xen because it sounded like it was saying my name.
Posted 05:33pm 02/9/12
Update; release September 14th BUT ONLY TO LAMBDA CORE LEVEL, they haven't finished Xen.
Posted 05:49pm 02/9/12
Got CS source and hated it compared to 1.3

lul you must have been waiting a while from when cs 1.3 ended to when source came out because 1.3 was patched over years before
Posted 07:14pm 02/9/12
That's the problem with fans remaking something, sounds good for about 25 minutes then someone goes out to get ciggerettes and never returns having realised the gravity of a project that big.

Yeah it's like those people you might run into occasionally and always plan to "go have a drink" but it never eventuates.
Posted 09:07pm 02/9/12
F*** YES 12 DAYS
Posted 09:07pm 02/9/12
Posted 09:09pm 02/9/12
Will this cost money?
Posted 09:20pm 02/9/12
that is pretty cool. no one likes xen anyway.
Posted 09:47pm 02/9/12
wait it's being released in 12 days? awesome!

Will this cost money?

it's free
Posted 10:19am 03/9/12
I never played the xen part :(
I could only get up to the part with a black female ninja :(
Posted 10:21am 03/9/12
err remake :/ how about bringing out a new one :'(

Posted 10:59am 03/9/12
It's not valve, it's a fan made remake using hl2 engine. Only thing I remember about xen apart from the different environment is spending ages trying to work out how to jump down the floating rocks.
Posted 11:09am 03/9/12
I had no problems with Xen, you are clearly a bunch of noobs.
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