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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:09am 12/06/12 | 1 Comments
If you haven't heard of Day Z before, you might want to check it out. The ArmA 2 mod developed as a side-project from team-members within Bohemia Interactive has become all the zombie rage with its 50-person servers and social experiment factor among the living, to a point I'm sick of hearing GameArena's Joab Gilroy go on about it (just kidding, I love ya buddy).

It emerged from E3 with more praises sung than most other games on the show-floor (an indie PC trend at this year's event), but has now faced its own internal, virus-spreading threat. Apparently a forum admin member not part of the official dev team uploaded a an infected executable file to the game's servers.

"A person has gained access to our main email account which have details listed for our FTP's, etc," wrote Day Z staff member, Tonic, on the official forums. "He then uploaded a malicious application to the US file host which has since been taken offline.

"The file was called "dayz_auto_updater.exe". This malicious software is lead to be a backdoor / bot. Below is the ThreatExpert report on this file. (Click here). ThreatExpert also explains where this malicious application installs / moves its processes to stay hidden within your computer. So if you are a user who has downloaded the .exe called dayz_auto_updater.exe from the US Mirror is to scan their computer against viruses and read the description by ThreatExpert on where to locate this if your Virus detector does not pick it up."

The full forum post features much more information, including names the culprit goes by, but it's a sad state of affairs when someone goes after something like this.

For the uninitiated, Day Z is a zombie survival-horror experience that sees 50 people inhabit a game server full of zombies. Your goal is to survive this apocalypse by scrounging around for precious supplies, though the rub here is that any one of the other 49 people in your play-space may also want that bottle of water you just found, and might very well do anything to get it.

Learn more about the game by clicking here.

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