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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:45am 10/06/12 | 5 Comments
There's so much E3-related info flying about, and just because the show's over, doesn't mean it's not going to keep coming.

We have a Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Preview for your liking, for example, that talks about everyone's favourite talking in the third-person Dinobot, Grimlock, and how he'll work within the game (in that he's the only transformer in the game who can't transform at will, and needs to earn the option each time). We also look at Megaplex, the giant city-sized, and striding, Autobot as well as much, much more. And in case you haven't seen our E3 screens batch, click the thumbnails below.

Click here for our preview.

e3 2012transformers: fall of cybertronpreviewscreenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:48am 10/6/12
Had completely forgotten about this. Think I might dust off my copy of the first game and finally finish it off in preparation for this one coming out. Metroplex was always my favourite Gen1 toy, even if he was fragile as hell (seriously - who makes a toy aimed at kids, then joins the two parts of the body with a > 1cm wide piece of plastic?).
Posted 01:53pm 10/6/12
The Japanese :P

Love the Dinobots back in the day and while Snarl was my favourite as a kid (had the toy :P) I love Grimlock. So quite simply - ME GRIMLOCK, KING!
Posted 02:07pm 10/6/12
Looks awesome, I really enjoyed the first game. Definitely looking forward to this one.
Posted 02:18pm 11/6/12
Can't wait for this, Loved War for Cybertron, especially its multiplayer. Just a shame it died so quickly :(
Posted 05:52pm 11/6/12
Peer to peer multiplayer will do that.
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