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Post by Eorl @ 12:27pm 09/06/12 | 14 Comments
While we may not see this technology being used until next generation gaming, just seeing what Epic Games can do with the latest Unreal Engine 4 is simply a feat of its own. Unreal Engine 4’s architecture and new visual features enable you to almost feel like your characters are alive, allowing you to cut down on development time and iterations.
Artists and designers can bring their creative visions to life directly in game without programmer assistance via the new Unreal Kismet. This offers programmers the freedom to focus on core gameplay features and sophisticated systems.

With significant new visual features, Unreal Engine 4 enables you to achieve high-end visuals, while remaining both scalable and accessible to make games for low-spec PCs.
Check out the two trailers below showing off the great strides in technology that the Unreal Engine 4 will soon be able to offer for next generation gaming, and also check out the official website for more information on what the Unreal Engine 4 offers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:43pm 09/6/12
The graphics we would of had now if it wasn't for f*****g consoles
Posted 12:55pm 09/6/12
Posted 01:05pm 09/6/12
Wow, the editor has come along way since I used it years ago in Uni. Very impressive stuff.
Posted 01:06pm 09/6/12

The editor stuff is particularly cool.
Randy Cambell
Posted 01:13pm 09/6/12
yeah console has slowed down p.c for to long.
Posted 01:54pm 09/6/12
Awesome engine demo.

I think part of the problem with consoles is that the current generation is staying around for too long. Xbox was released in 2001, then superseded in 2005 by the xbox 360. By now we should have had a new console with some newer graphics hardware.
Posted 09:25pm 09/6/12
i was more impressed with square enix's luminous engine. it's a pity they are keeping it in house and not selling it to third parties.
Posted 11:55pm 10/6/12
I wasn't all that impressed. Aside from some tweaking from the editor side of things, and adding a few more impressive visual effects (like the embers) it doesn't look all that different from Unreal Engine 3. There are still the occasional GLARING low res textures that really stick out like a sore thumb. They should have just called it Unreal Engine 3.5

And as for Consoles holding back PC development, how exactly? There are games out there right now, that can cripple most peoples Gaming Rigs, how exactly is it the fault of Consoles for a scenario like that? Hardware and Software progression currently are pretty close, not ideal, but not nearly as bad as most people make out to be.

I agree with ravn0s, when I saw that Luminous engine, it really made me think UE4 was way over hyped. Luminous is GORGEOUS and its such a pity they've kept it in-house. =(
Posted 01:27am 11/6/12
I don't know anything about UE3 but I agree the hallmark low rez textures that look way too fake and shiny where there, but only saw them during close up. Not bad overall though.
Posted 11:11am 11/6/12
"MoulaZx" You clearly have no idea what your talking about. I have a nice collection of games for all consoles , mostly exclusives and but by any means most of the games on them look like rubbish compared to a game not ported from the console and built for the pc can look like. BF3, Metro Anyone?
Posted 11:43am 11/6/12
And as for Consoles holding back PC development, how exactly? There are games out there right now, that can cripple most peoples Gaming Rigs, how exactly is it the fault of Consoles for a scenario like that? Hardware and Software progression currently are pretty close, not ideal, but not nearly as bad as most people make out to be.

Because most engines are created primarily for consoles, and compatible with PC, not the other way around. Lowest common denominator. Mainly on the graphics front and RAM (CPUs haven't gone that much further on the consumer side), the 360 is using something similar to a ATI Radeon X1800 (50$ or so card now) - which is fine (considering the benefits of dedicated console hardware), but graphics cards are at least 10x faster at this point. And only 512mb ram. 360 hardware at this point (in graphics/RAM) is at the same level as most smartphones.
Posted 12:39pm 11/6/12
Angus, if thats the case, you're proving my point. That games 'do' look better on a PC, which means the Developers did go ahead and put in the extra effort for the PC side of things. And even then, not all PCs can play that version on full detail.

Engines aren't always created specifically for Consoles. UE3 Engine wasn't designed solely with Consoles in mind. UE3 has been scaled down to run on a phone or a browser and it can also be scaled up the other end to cripple most PCs. The Game 'itself' is designed in a way to be compatible with the lowest common denominator (enabling less special effects, lower res textures, lower polygon counts, etc), in this case Consoles, but the Engine itself is capable of more. Software development fine. I won't dispute PC performance being a good few notches above our current-gen Consoles, but even our current level of average PC Performance aren't running every game out there on full detail flawlessly. So I don't get why some people whine so loudly Consoles hold PCs back.

The only time a Developer is going to build an engine SO far out there is if they have a lot of money to burn and time to wait before Hardware catches up. That's always been rare in the Gaming world. Why are people only taking notice now?
Posted 10:41pm 12/6/12
I thought that the new engine looked awesome. Dungeon Defenders 2 would be crazy with all those particles going everywhere.
Posted 11:17pm 12/6/12
Yeah, I thought it looked awesome too, and its not like low-res textures are the engine's fault anyway, you could have the greatest engine ever made and its not going to make low res textures look amazing. If anything its probably just a limitation of video cards and the amount of texture memory they have, they probably used it all up with all their other fancy s***, so they were saving it where they could and chucking lower res textures on things that didn't matter as much.

Remember, they're not really making the engine for today's tech, they're making it to look good and be in use for the next 5 - 10 years. An engine that can be maxed out by todays hardware, isn't one thats leaving a lot of room to grow. As video cards get better, I'd imagine UE4 will just keep looking better and better (at least for a few generations).
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