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Post by Eorl @ 11:37am 09/06/12 | 8 Comments
While many believe that Watch Dogs was a representation of what could be next generation gaming, a Twitter post from the developers has now confirmed that we will be seeing the Deus Ex/Syndicate style game in 2013 for PC and consoles.

While no direct response as to which consoles we will be seeing it on, the tight lipped communication is making the Internet go into hyper-drive, suggesting two version could be made for current generation and next generation gaming. As always, no actual information has been confirmed by the developers, but hopefully we will see more in the coming months.

If you haven't yet seen the E3 2012 gameplay demo check it out below (HD here) for a preview of what might just be next-gen gaming.

watch dogse3 2012next generationtwitter

Latest Comments
Posted 06:05pm 09/6/12
I was planning on getting the PC version anyway.
Posted 07:19am 10/6/12
wow that looks pretty good
Posted 03:22pm 10/6/12
Woah, that looks awesome. Don't really get a Syndicate/Deus Ex vibe from it myself though, feels more like Person of Interest: The Game. Hells yeah, I'm in.
Posted 04:11pm 10/6/12
those night time environments look pretty gorgeous.
gimme gimme gimme
Posted 04:29pm 10/6/12
Definitely looking forward to this.
Posted 04:39pm 10/6/12
Yeah felt like Person of Interest mixed with Assassin's Creed.

Curious to see how dynamic it is, and not just a case of noticing the same NPC dialogue and watching the same handful of animations over and over.
Posted 04:51pm 10/6/12
i like that this game is going to have an online component too.

“Basically, Jonathan, our creative director was playing agent Pearce at the conference, and I was playing another character, who hacked into him, who had his own objective and we crossed paths. It was basically two players who crossed paths with their own objectives.”

In the conference demo, the character that Guay was playing watched the carnage that Jonathan was causing from afar. After apparently scanning Johnathan’s brain, he turned and vaulted over some rooftops in a different direction entirely, it sounds now as though he was pursuing an entirely different mission in the same city.
Posted 05:03pm 10/6/12
Buying this on PC for sure.
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