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Post by Dan @ 10:49am 05/06/12 | 8 Comments
Nintendo's Wii-U console may be the most significant piece of hardware on show at this year's E3, but during their annual Xbox Media Briefing, Microsoft revealed a new application service that looks poised to offer a lot of the similar functionality to pre-existing hardware, wedding PCs and Xbox 360 with tablet and mobile devices running Windows Phone as well as Android and iOS.

Examples given showed video content from the larger-screened device playing on the portable-screened device, as we've already seen quite a bit of with Apple's Airplay and Sony's PS3 and PS Vita Remote Play, but it also went one further to show how it could be used to interact between the devices -- with the demos showing much of the functionality touted by the Wii-U.
Later this year, the power of companion scenarios comes to life in new ways with Xbox SmartGlass. Use your Windows 8-based devices as a second screen with your Xbox 360 for an enhanced game and entertainment experience. Control and interact with your favorite TV shows, movies, music and games by simple flicks, gestures, and pinch and zoom. Start watching on one of your devices and flick it to your TV to keep watching on the big screen. Xbox SmartGlass helps you easily discover more things to do by showing new activities related to what you’re already watching or playing on TV. And now play Xbox 360 games in a new way when you add a phone or tablet as a screen just for you. Xbox SmartGlass will be available on Windows 8-based PCs and devices, as well as other platforms.

Smartglass is expected to launch later this year.

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Posted 11:27am 05/6/12
Here's the promo video as well. Certainly getting harder for me to resist getting a 360. Going from the video, it probably reminds me more of AppleTV Airplay but will no doubt eat into the WiiU's funtionality as well.

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Posted 11:34am 05/6/12
Everyone rips off Nintendo.
Posted 11:37am 05/6/12
That voice activation looks bloody good though.
Posted 11:49am 05/6/12
The question I have is - if you're watching the 'mobile' version of your content on a smartphone, and then switch to XBox, are you seeing a nice 1920x1080 version of your programme? Or a horrid upscaled unicast of your mobile video?
Posted 09:21pm 05/6/12
voice activation doesn't work that smooth on the xbox. Just like the hand gestures - it's a gimmick; unless they've improved the code somehow. Hopefully the integration between mobile, PC and xbox will be really smooth.
Posted 10:09pm 05/6/12
This works well for the Wii U too I reckon - third parties will have less excuses to port if they're going to go out of their way to support eleventy billion devices.
Posted 10:16pm 05/6/12
I wouldn't imagine its the developers that have to support all the mobile devices, they'll just use whatever API Microsoft gives them and use that to leverage the service, then its Microsoft that has to worry about writing all the apps that run on all the devices.
Posted 05:22pm 06/6/12
Examples given showed video content from the larger-screened device playing on the portable-screened device,
My tablet can do this with my TV and NAS. Videos stored on my NAS, I browse it with my tablet and tell it to play on the TV (or I can play it on the tablet). I can also play media files on the TV that are stored on the tablet if there are any. It's pretty rad.
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