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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:01pm 01/06/12 | 15 Comments
Earlier in the week we talked about an impending unveiling of a brand new Star Wars title from LucasArts. As promised, the team delivered the goods via GTTV and we can all rest easy now that Prey 2 has slipped, because we'll be filling bounty-hunter boots in Star Wars: 1313.

Not a lot of information has been revealed just yet, other than the game being third-person action in genre, set on Curoscant in, and around, Level 1313 and that you'll play as a bounty hunter. It's also meant to be a dark and brooding game featuring some of the meanest characters in the Star Wars universe.

Check out a batch of concept art via the thumbnails below.

More info will be divulged at E3, including an all-new trailer, so be sure to stay tuned next week for all the juice, right here on AusGamers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:06pm 01/6/12
I swear E3 does not start for a few more days. Nice work Steve.
Posted 05:59pm 01/6/12
i wonder when it's set
Posted 06:19pm 01/6/12
i wonder when it's set
Gotta be post-Ep3 if it has Imperial ships.
Posted 06:27pm 01/6/12
I would say its post Ep3 because of the imperial lambada shuttles.
Posted 06:30pm 01/6/12
oh yeah didn't notice the ships.
Posted 08:13pm 01/6/12
Haha, lambada shuttles. The forbidden shuttles!
Posted 01:47am 02/6/12
Haha, i called it, a bounty hunter game!
Posted 05:38pm 05/6/12
Posted 06:25pm 05/6/12
Yep, this is definitely the best looking video game ever made. Incredible.
Posted 07:00pm 05/6/12
That did look pretty cool.
Posted 07:11pm 05/6/12
Running on a high end PC - so it'll look terrible on consoles. Excellent.
Posted 07:46pm 05/6/12
uncharted in sppaaaaaaaaaccccccccceeeeeeeee!!
Posted 08:04pm 05/6/12
I was wondering, after that "running on high end PCs" comment and considering how good it looks, if it was being targetted at the next generation of consoles. But they're probably too far away for that to be viable.
Posted 10:11pm 05/6/12
It's running on UE3 too, not even 4. Wii U title possibly?
Posted 11:10pm 05/6/12
Saw some gameplay on spike tv e3 show

Looks a lot like uncharted but without the 'press x to climb' flashing in the screen

Doesnr interest me, but Starwars died for me with ep1 so I'm probably not the target market
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