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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:04pm 31/05/12 | 5 Comments
We've been following the Silicon Knights vs Epic court case with a keen eye, and overnight a verdict was thrown down that saw in favour of the latter, whose counter claims to Silicon Knights' means the Canada-based studio will now have to pay some $4.45 million in damages.

Epic's VP, Mark Rein even Tweeted the verdict, writing "Case over. Jury finds for Epic on all counts".

The counter claims included a breach of the license agreement between the two companies, a misappropriation of trade secrets and copyright infringements on the Unreal Engine 3 code.

The finding is a massive blow to Silicon Knights who appear to have been struggling ever since they parted ways with Nintendo back in 2004. Their most recent title for Activision, X-Men: Destiny was an absolute flop while their most popular title since the GameCube release of Eternal Darkness, Too Human, was also a poor performer both critically and commercially.

They've been hinting at returning to a franchise fans have been asking for, for a while, on future consoles which is leaving many to believe Eternal Darkness may rise from the dead to appear on Nintendo's new Wii U, but in the wake of the courtroom verdict, there's no telling what the future will hold for Silicon Knights.

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Posted 12:08pm 31/5/12
Wow. That's a steep price to pay for sour grapes. You wouldn't imagine a studio the size of SK will be able take that in their stride.
Posted 12:54pm 31/5/12
Well, it'll probably sink them.
Posted 01:08pm 31/5/12
Good work Dyack, way to make that PE degree work for you.
Posted 01:58pm 31/5/12
Epic Win.
Posted 02:20pm 31/5/12
Epic Win.

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