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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:57am 31/05/12 | 3 Comments
If you follow id Software's John Carmack on Twitter (and can understand even half of what he's talking about), chances are you're aware he's beehn playing around with Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) and, specifically, has been working on getting Doom up and running with the tech.

We reported a little earlier that the freshly announced Doom 3: BFG Edition was also made ready for 3D TVs "and head mounted displays". This is key to Carmack's project where recently members from website The Verge made a trek down to id's Dallas-based studio to have a closer look at Carmack's toying with modern virtual reality.
Essentially, the Oculus Rift contains a 1280 x 800 screen split in two — 640 x 800 for each eye — with an image that really needs to be seen to be believed. While the images themselves are relatively low-resolution, the immersion factor is pretty fantastic. That's due to the Rift's 90 degree field-of-view, something you won't find in most other HMD's (including Sony's recently-launched 3D head mounted display, which Carmack praised for its high quality and relatively low price point).
The site features a video of journalist, Ross Miller, using the HMD, as well as more in-depth analysis of the tech, but everything is sounding positive for VR's return to glory (it all but dropped off the planet in the late 80s and early 90s). Their only concerns come in the low-resolution display, but concede that over time this is likely a component that will update.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:41am 31/5/12
Very cool. I look forward to decent advancements in Developer + Hardware Maker combos to get the 3d head mounted virtual reality stuff moving forward!
Posted 11:50am 31/5/12
Pretty exciting stuff. I've been watching Carmack talk about this stuff (mostly incomprehensibly) but it's clear that he is working really new cutting edge angles with this sort of technology. It'll be fascinating to see if this turns into a consumer product further down the line.
Posted 12:08pm 31/5/12

Does anyone remember the VR arcade game where you stepped into a circle and heald a pistol control and put on a head set? Two buttons on the control, one walked in the direction you were facing and the other button was to shoot. You could look around a compelte 360deg, up and down and when you moved your gun in your hand it moved in the game so you could shoot to the right while looking left etc...

That was a full blown FPS game and it was bloody amazing. What ever happened to these ever reaching a price that was decent with modern graphics?
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