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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:46pm 29/05/12 | 11 Comments
It's been a good couple of years for the fantasy genre, capped off with the massively successful The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a game that has a rampant, divided community of hardcore gamers, and one that certainly can't be ignored.

However, there are other, smaller names out there attempting to throw their own dragon weight into the popular fantasy action-RPG genre, and Capcom's foray, in the form of Dragon's Dogma, is no light weight, adding its own flair, homages and challenges for the truly fantasy elite. AusGamers newcomer, Dylan "Gameboffin" Burns, took the game for the review spin for us this week and walked away with a bit of a limp, but a smile on his dial nonetheless.

Click here for his full, in-depth review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:05pm 29/5/12
I just wish it had have shipped with co-op. That would have been so cool. Maybe it'll happen with DD2.
Still though, I think I'll have to get it. Seems like a reasonable score by all reports.
Posted 04:08pm 29/5/12
Buying this on the weekend, looks like an excellent RPG and the difficulty entices me to play. Great review!
Posted 04:12pm 29/5/12
Been pretty pumped for this game when I first heard about it, ended up getting it first day and it far exeeded my expectations. Definately a love/hate game though, I'd put it on the same level as games like Lost Planet 2, which was one of my favourite current gen titles, even though it was never a big mainstream title.

Apparently it's been sold out everywhere though, suprising because this didn't recieve much general attention... A good thing because that means more chance of a sequel.
Posted 04:59pm 29/5/12
Oh it's also $77 from EB which I guess is pretty good for brand new.
Posted 05:04pm 29/5/12
I think I'll grab this when, can't get enough of this genre atm.
Posted 06:41pm 29/5/12
Good Game gave this a similar review last week. I would love to see this on the PC but at least I have Diablo III to keep my RPG addiction sated for the time being!
Posted 08:27pm 29/5/12
Played Dark Souls and this one. Not bad, but if you haven't played Dark Souls yet, I would start there.
Posted 09:44pm 29/5/12
Looks good. Might get it on steam.
Posted 08:01pm 30/5/12
Great RPG. It's kind of a cross between Monster Killer Tri and FF7, but without the juvenile plot.

My biggest critique is the voice acting, which is awful. Please Japanese devs, get english speakers to write your dialogue and voice your games, it's very jarring.

Very fun, challenging and solid game. Btw you can save anywhere, out of combat, so I don't follow the "awful checkpoints" complaint. Just think before you save so you don't put yourself in an unwinnable position and are forced to restart at a checkpoint.

@jands, console only
Posted 08:58am 31/5/12
Yes, hence my tip to save, save, save. However, I would often get lost in the game and forget to do so, in which case the game would take me waaaay back and I would cry ;)
Posted 11:25pm 17/8/12
At the start its a difficult game but once you get your character and pawns all suited out and skills figured out and mastered it becomes quite allot easier. Some of the quests can be annoying, having you run back and forth all over the island so some planning on when to go out for which quest is important. Some of the quest waypoints will be difficult to understand also (appear somewhat dynamic at times).
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