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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:34pm 29/05/12 | 5 Comments
AusGamers was given a chance to attend a pre-E3 event for Activision's forthcoming line-up, and while we can't talk about everything we saw just yet, we can show you another interview we conducted with Treyarch studio head, Mark Lamia, for Black Ops II.

We sent one of our new guys over to LA to check this one out, Mr Naren Hooson, but due to audio issues, we chose to present his questions as text over the video so as to maintain the high quality of production here. And, as usual, we also have a written transcript of the full interview you can check out as part of the full interview feature.

Here's a taste:
I’m happy to talk about the PC. We have a PC team that’s dedicated to the PC version of the game. We even message out and communicate through our Twitter channels to the PC community. There will be... we are optimising our engine for DX11. There’s a more efficient system we’re working on, a proprietary anti-cheat mechanism for the PC specifically.

We strongly believe in trying to maintain the integrity of that and we’re working very hard to try and maintain the integrity of that so that everyone can enjoy it -- of the multiplayer game...
Click here for the full video interview feature, and be sure to stay tuned to AusGamers for more on Black Ops II as we close in on E3 as well as more from Activision's 2012 stable.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:42pm 29/5/12
But whether or not it will have COD4-esque dedicated servers or not is the real question. If it doesn't then it's just another waste of time. IMO, you don't need a whole bunch of anti-cheat systems if you have pro-active admins to kick the cheaters. MW2 with their horrible matchmaking servers without the ability to kick the aimbotters and wallhackers should've taught them that.

I'm guessing no mod tools like in COD4 and W@W either. Can't "ruin the integrity" of their game by not "playing it the way it was meant to" now can we....
Posted 03:59pm 29/5/12
COD is a console franchise so don't expect anything like dedicated servers.
Posted 10:33pm 29/5/12
It's not unreasonable to expect dedicated servers. Only MW2 and MW3 didn't have them.

Black Ops by Treyarch had dedicated between those two games.

For me it's a must. I tolerated the match making on MW2. MW3, i couldn't tolerate it. The latency in game just ruined it for me. Basically being the same game i've played before. There was nothing at all the over look that issue.

So as much as I think Black Ops 2 could be great. I won't buy unless there's proper dedicated servers.
Posted 05:22am 30/5/12
I like the near future setting and I would give dedicated servers a 75% chance of being included.
Posted 10:27am 30/5/12
I hope to god they include dedi's, though they've never shown reason to doubt they'll have it. They use a different engine and dedicated servers area already included in their other games using that engine, so I would imagine that they have little work to do to get it going for a new version of the game.

Would make little to no sense for them to ignore all that work they did on the dedi server software previously and screw over the PC guys.

I'm never buying another MW franchise game though, I can't play MW3 for more than 20 minutes before getting a headache from the FoV and the matchmaking is absolute bulls***. Apparently it f**** with your rego based on framerate and latency and s***.

When you play a game and feel like 9 out of 10 deaths were you being cheated rather than outplayed, a game loses all fun.
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