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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:37pm 28/05/12 | 23 Comments
GameTrailers has teased that LucasArts will be using their GTTV platform to unveil the next brand-new Star Wars IP, which will be the first since The Force Unleashed (The Old Republic and Star Wars Kinect aside), and will mark an active return to the spotlight for LucasArts who appeared to drop off the radar after lacklustre reviews and sales of The Force Unleashed II.

GTTV's Geoff Keighley claims to have been "blown away" by what Lucas showed him, citing the "calibre of the team" and their "bold vision" as reasons he was so amped.

"I can't wait to introduce our viewers to this game and show off the footage that left my jaw on the floor when I first saw it," he teased.

This information is in line with our very own E3 bookings schedule, where AusGamers will be sitting in on a presentation for an "unannounced new Star Wars title" at the show.

Could it be the secret project ex-Ubisoft Far Cry 2 lead, Clint Hocking, has been working on since his departure from Ubisoft Montreal? Apparently we'll find out this Friday (Thursday in the US), so stay tuned.

As a talking point, and with a rich universe to pull from, what would you like to see, Star Wars-wise, come from this unveiling?

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:49pm 28/5/12
Do I hear X-Wing Armada?
Posted 03:51pm 28/5/12
I actually really enjoyed TFU2, was a bit on the short side, but really fun.

But yeah, another X-Wing type game with today's tech would be f*****g awesome.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:57pm 28/5/12
They should package up the Factor 5-developed Rogue Squadron series and re-release them in HD - I'd replay the s*** out of those.

TFU2 had its moments, and I'm a huge fan of Starkiller, but that final boss battle was an absolute joke
Posted 04:02pm 28/5/12
I just want more Raven-style Jedi Knight games...
Randy Cambell
Posted 04:06pm 28/5/12
Bring back the single player KOTOR,not this s*** online crap.
Posted 04:09pm 28/5/12
Tie Fighter II (fingers crossed) ;p
Posted 04:13pm 28/5/12
TFU2 was a god awful mess. Absolutely hated it. Four hours of gameplay... woooo(?)

I really hope it's something hugely awesome, but it could be some. I'd be very happy with Battlefield 3, but I certainly wouldn't be blown away.

Won't be a KOTOR. Very unlikely it'll be an X-Wing/TIE Fighter/XWvTF game, but if it is - woah! Even Rogue Squadron would be freakin' awesome, but I don't think this is a HD rehash.

Nerfy... you and I are hoping for the exact same thing.
Posted 04:15pm 28/5/12
Jedi Knight

Posted 04:23pm 28/5/12
brand-new Star Wars IP

so guess that means no sequels etc to previous games?
Posted 04:59pm 28/5/12
Another bounty hunter game would be sock!
Posted 05:14pm 28/5/12
X-Wing or Tie Fighter II would be pretty much the most awesome thing they could release at this point regarding Star Wars (or one of it's decent variants such as the awesome X-Wing Alliance).
Posted 05:48pm 28/5/12
What I want - New Rogue Squadron type of game or KOTOR 3 or Pod Racer. (KOTOR 3 needs to be made so very badly)

What I think we will get? - Something crappy and a waste of development time & resources that would be better spent making the above.

Other possibilities - Bounty Hunter game would be cool if done right. HD collection of some classic games.
Posted 06:00pm 28/5/12
In before Kinect game.
Posted 06:18pm 28/5/12
Old Republic MMO = Kotor 3
Posted 06:30pm 28/5/12
Dark Forces 3
Posted 07:05pm 28/5/12
A new Rogue Squadron or TIE Fighter/X-Wing game would be amazing, as would finally getting Republic Commandos 2.

We'll probably end up getting a new generic FPS of some description set in the Star Wars universe or maybe GTA: Coruscant (actually, that'd be kind of cool).

Posted 10:08pm 28/5/12
inb4 "Star Wars Nerfhearder" a farming social game on facebook
Posted 10:48pm 28/5/12
I haven't been interested in any star wars games since Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, the multiplayer in that was fantastic

if it's another MMO or some kinect/wii bulls***, forget it

last edited by thermite at 22:48:36 28/May/12
Posted 12:40am 29/5/12
X Wing vs Tie Fighter or - as most people's reasonable words reflect;

F*** OFF
Posted 10:08am 29/5/12
I haven't been interested in any star wars games since Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, the multiplayer in that was fantastic

if it's another MMO or some kinect/wii bulls***, forget itlast edited by thermite at 22:48:36 28/May/12

Couldn't agree more Therm. I still fire this up from time to time for some force power fun.
Posted 10:29am 29/5/12
hahaha, an XBox Connect XWing/Tie Fighter game. Arms out wide, glide around to fly making plane noises :P
Posted 12:27pm 29/5/12
If there is a new X-Wing, Tie Fighter or associated game, and it is actually decent, that might be the spur for me to actually buy a PC to replace my macbook when i need to. I bloody loved those games.
Posted 12:29pm 29/5/12
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