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Post by Eorl @ 11:40am 26/05/12 | 4 Comments
NCSoft and Gameforge have today announced new challenges in the upcoming patch 3.0 for Aion, a free-to-play MMO set in the world of Atreia. Featuring numerous opponents lying in wait for brave heroes in exciting new instances, it seems this update is ready to give players a real challenge.
Offering 6 new instances, the next update to the critically acclaimed free-to-play MMO is set to give players a real challenge among a broad range of new monsters and items.

Tiamat's Balaur have powerful air troops, which they deploy either to attack Daeva-owned fortresses. Aturam Sky Fortress, located on a floating island in Sarpan, is in charge of organizing and supplying these air troops. The Reians, having decided that it is impossible to face off with the Tiamat as things were, dispatched infiltration forces into the fortress to shut it down. You must infiltrate the Sky Fortress!
If you are keen for more, check out the press release detailing all six of the new instances, as well as the trailer below featuring all the upcoming features in 3.0.


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Posted 12:32pm 26/5/12
anyone else playing this? I've got a low level templar just bumming around looking at stuff
Posted 12:43pm 26/5/12
I'm contemplating it, Guild Wars 2 is taking its time getting here so I need something to keep me busy. I played on release and it was quite fun and very, very beautiful, how is it now?
Posted 09:10pm 26/5/12
It's not much fun playing by yourself. They've fixed a few things though the game has all the same flaws as it always has.

Posted 09:38pm 26/5/12
I have a 40-something Chanter from release.
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