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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:01pm 21/05/12 | 19 Comments
So in order to ensure there's been no influence in our final decisions for judging the recently held "Hell is Coming" Diablo III competition, we've held off showing you any of the entries until today (judging date).

What we have for you now then, is a selection of entries that didn't quite make the cut, but some of these are pretty funny and we wanted to share them with you, regardless. There was an abundance of Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter entries, and a lot of the same types of entries, especially about things like magic wands and slaying pants demons, respectively, for the two most popular dateable classes.

So without further ado, comedy ensues:
  • Witch Doctor - Ja wun ta be seein' mai big mojo?
  • Wizard - Hydras are red Blizzards are blue let's play hardcore in bed till the Cow King goes moo.
  • Witch Doctor - Ask her out using the line "Is that a toad in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?".
  • Witch Doctor - How about you and I stir the cauldrons and make some poisonous charms.
  • Barbarian - You have a very big sword ;) ... wanna punch stuff in the face together?
  • Wizard - I'm a wizard too, why don't you come over tonight and I'll show you my wand?
  • Witch Doctor - I would definitely date the witch doctor, I'd strut up to her, give her a wink and say "hey goodlookin' I got a love sickness for you that needs to be cured".
  • Monk - Hey baby, I heard you know all the hidden techniques, care to show me a few moves? ;)
  • Wizard - How about you polymorph into a sheep and I make like a New Zealander?
  • Wizard - If a fat man puts you in a bag at night, don't worry I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.
  • Witch Doctor - So, you do voodoo? I love voodoo, and I love you... so why don't you and me voodoo too?
  • Barbarian - Hey baby! You can drain my fury any time.
  • Wizard - Hey beautiful, seeing as all hell is breaking loose, mind putting a little bit of magic back into my life?
  • Barbarian - How would you like to wield my two-handed broadsword?
  • Demon Hunter - I wouldnt have a pick up line. I would just crawl to her on my hands and knees, wearing a collar with a lead attached, holding the grip in my mouth. Surely she needs a new pet?
  • Monk - I've got something righteous for you to see ;)
  • Demon Hunter - You are the most interesting person here. Can I buy you a drink? Perhaps exchange stories of our adventures. I might even tell you about the time i took an arrow to the knee!!
We had heaps and heaps of entries for this one and the above are just a slight selection of some of the entries, all in all though, the quality of pick-up lines thrown our way makes me worried for the single world out there ;)

Thanks everyone for your entries, and thanks again to Blizzard and Steelseries for the mad prize hookups.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:11pm 21/5/12

For those that are almost as lazy as me.

Congrats to the winners, I still think mine was better than yours :p
Posted 05:24pm 21/5/12
heh, lots of good entries above

"You have such a beautiful voice, are you perhaps related to Deckard Cain? Because I could sit and listen to you for hours..."
Posted 05:27pm 21/5/12
aww mines not even a worthy mention
Posted 05:51pm 21/5/12
FYI Steve - the phrase is 'without further ado', from the Bard's era.
Posted 05:54pm 21/5/12
Grats daz!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:07pm 21/5/12
Cheers Nick, fixed and brain updated :)
Posted 06:09pm 21/5/12
Wow, was not expecting this!
Posted 06:33pm 21/5/12
Hell is "Coming"

Posted 11:21pm 21/5/12
Was someone talking about dandruff in there....
Posted 12:36am 22/5/12
Does it make me gay that I thought that the character I was hitting on was a guy...

I didn't even process that it could be a female...
Posted 09:07am 22/5/12
bunch of unimaginative penis jokes and these are the best? I guess that's what you get when you ask the a stupid question for your competition..
Posted 09:14am 22/5/12
^^ the bitterness of the people who lose is a psychological phenomenon that should be studied so it can be better understood by the next generation of competition runners
Posted 09:25am 22/5/12
Jesse's on the winners page ftw.
Posted 12:46pm 22/5/12

i think the actual phenomenon which needs to be studied is that how a person can lose a competition without entering it.

or maybe, the shallowness of people who can accuse others of being bitter without any information on the subject matter?

you choose.
Posted 01:06pm 22/5/12
my mistake. I didn't realise you were just a bitter person in general.

people find different things interesting/entertaining/funny! News at 11!
Posted 01:13pm 22/5/12
woo hoo mine got mentioned : D
Posted 01:30pm 22/5/12
lawl those were teeeeeerrible
Posted 02:41pm 22/5/12
trog, i think the actual phenomenon which needs to be studied is that how a person can lose a competition without entering it.

Well, just because you're watching the Olympics rather than running in them doesn't mean you're automatically better than the runners up.

Life doesn't work that if you don't participate you still get praised for existing.

Edit: PS pickup lines inherently contain sexual innuendo. So, i'm not sure how your complain applies. Unless you're complaint is that people who followed the rules, got the prizes?
Reverend Evil
Posted 03:11pm 22/5/12
Enjoy your Diablo shirt and wear it with pride!
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