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Post by Dan @ 12:10pm 21/05/12 | 9 Comments
It's been almost a year since Team Fortress 2 went free-to-play and we met the Medic and over the past four years, Valve have introduced us to all of the other members of the Team Fortress 2 contingent... except the Pyro.

Well it looks like the flame-weilding, mumbling, sociopath may be finally getting his fifteen minutes soon, as suggested by this teaser image over on the official TF2 website that links through to the eight other meet the team videos.

Note however, that the image does say "coming in 2012", which in Valve Time, could just as soon mean 2015 or so.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:18pm 21/5/12
that teaser image has been there for months.
Posted 12:30pm 21/5/12
meet the medic was fantastic, looking forward to seeing the pyro.
Posted 12:33pm 21/5/12
meet the spy is still the best imo.
Posted 01:24pm 21/5/12
his fifteen minutes soon

Everyone always speculated that they pyro was a female. Hope the do a good job on this one !!!
Posted 01:36pm 21/5/12
Hey Dan mispell in title, bloke.

Looking forward to this finally, pyro is/was my favourite class in tf2 when I was balls deep into it. If I ever played again I'd pick it up again.

last edited by casa at 13:36:22 21/May/12
Posted 01:34pm 21/5/12
Vidoe FTW!
Posted 02:46pm 21/5/12
I believe part of that image first popped up in the trailer for the latest Portal 2 update which added the map making ability. It showed up on one of the little guys computers or something
Posted 03:08pm 21/5/12
pyro is scout mum, i hope they do a good job :)
Posted 03:20pm 21/5/12
Yeah, one of the computers in the portal 2 update video was actually playing the vid - There's a gif of a couple seconds of blurry footage around somewhere.
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