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Post by Eorl @ 12:26pm 19/05/12 | 11 Comments
Usually I'm not one for collectors edition versions of a game, but it seems 2K Games know how to swindle me out of my money with the announcement of the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition for Borderlands 2.

Featuring a replica of the in-game loot chests seen in the gun touting series, the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition includes a range of high quality goodies from a authentic Markus bobblhead to a high quality art book.
Fans of Borderlands will not want to miss the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition. In addition to the Borderlands 2 game, this premium pack also includes the following physical and digital content:

  • Borderlands 2 Game
  • Replica Borderlands Loot Chest
  • Authentic Marcus Kincaid Bobblehead
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Steelbook Case
  • Creatures of Pandora Wide Format ID Chart
  • 4 Lithograph Postcards
  • Field Notes from Sir Hammerlock
  • Comic Book Download
  • 4 Exclusive Stickers
  • Cloth Map
  • Inside the Vault: The Art of Borderlands 2 Hardbound Book
  • Bonus Digital Content
  • So if you feel like having the game isn't enough, EB Games is retailing the bountiful collection at $138.00 for PC and $158.00 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    Borderlands 2 will be available to Australians on the 21st of September for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You can check out all the latest trailers and screenshots over at our game page.

    borderlands 2collectors editionlimited editionpcxbox 360playstation 32k games
    Buy now from Green Man Gaming Only GBP£13.99!
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    Latest Comments
    Posted 12:47pm 19/5/12
    wow the 21st? that was pretty quick is it using the same engine?

    also i heard the fatigue/damage on the chest was real and not painted on which i found sceptical.. true?
    Posted 01:39pm 19/5/12
    Well I'll totally be getting this because I still order happy meals.
    Posted 01:50pm 19/5/12
    Thats actually a pretty good CE, you get a fair bit of stuff in there.
    Posted 04:03pm 19/5/12
    wow the 21st? that was pretty quick is it using the same engine?

    3 years is pretty quick? Borderlands came out in October 2009
    Posted 09:38pm 19/5/12
    This might have to be the first physical CE I've ever bought.
    Posted 10:03pm 19/5/12
    Whats with the bobblehead, are we supposed to know who this Markus is? Cos everyone seems to be making a big deal out of this "authentic" Markus bobblehead.

    If the chest opened like a loot chest does, then I'd probably buy it
    Reverend Evil
    Posted 10:09pm 19/5/12
    Just remember most of that stuff is gonna be junk and only looked at once and then forgotten. The chest looks cool but then that's gonna take up space when you never use it. Better off just buying the game.

    Posted 10:19pm 19/5/12
    Markus is the dude who initially sends you out to find the vault in the first one. He also owns all the vending machines n s*** on pandora
    Posted 01:57am 20/5/12
    Rev, that's the case with pretty much every CE ever.

    Except I have a giant empty space on my desk between 2 plasma balls that could use a loot chest and bobblehead :P
    Posted 04:28pm 20/5/12
    I am seriously tempted to et this. But $158 ... might have to see if I can find it cheaper.
    Posted 10:12pm 30/5/12
    I'm a sucker for collectors edition art books.
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