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Jagex has today revealed the latest update for their long running free-to-play browser MMO, RuneScape. The update is titled "The Evolution of Combat" and is set to re-invigorate the combat many of us remember so fondly.
The Evolution of Combat project will see the biggest change in any system in RuneScape’s history. By bringing this eagerly anticipated update to life, Jagex will be completely redesigning RuneScape’s combat system to offer players an even more immersive and involving experience. On release, the Evolution of Combat update will completely revolutionise the way players fight and interact in game.

“It’s impossible to downplay the significance of this update,” stated Mark Ogilvie, RuneScape’s lead designer. “A rework of the combat system has been the most requested update from our community, and thousands of man hours have gone into developing a more fluid, interactive and tactical combat system. The Evolution of Combat update will fundamentally change the way people play and view RuneScape forever.”
Those still enjoying the largest browser-based MMO will be pleased to know that Jagex will be conducting a beta for all current members. Beta registration will open to all RuneScape members on 1st June in preparation for the first beta entry on 26th June. The beta will run from 26th June until September and will allow testers the exclusive chance to preview the expansion before the rest of the world.

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Posted 09:53am 19/5/12
and is set to re-invigorate the combat many of us remember so fondly.

Old school 10+ years ago runescape combat, when it was 2d cartoon characters, or go home, imo!

(For the record, I'm not really passionate about runescape :P)
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