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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:42am 17/05/12 | 7 Comments
Those pesky file-finding savvy gamers. It turns out that the Max Payne 3 game disc harbours some information regarding the vehicles you'll be playing around with in Rockstar's forthcoming, and highly anticipated, Grand Theft Auto V.

The list is a heady one, and can be found over at NeoGaf, but the file's outing was originally posted over at GTAForums.com, which also features a video proving the folder exists, because it looks like there was a lot of non-believers out there.

Among the usual cars list, BMX bikes, fishing boats, trains, a monorail and tanks are mentioned as part of your transport repertoire.

Currently there's no other information regarding GTAV barring what we've seen in the game's debut trailer, which you can watch embedded below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:52am 17/5/12
BMX bikes

Sold. Don't care about anything else about the game, it has bmx bikes.
Posted 02:06pm 17/5/12
Nice, BMX were awesome in SA.
Posted 04:36pm 17/5/12
Sold. Don't care about anything else about the game, it has bmx bikes.
+1 Wasted so many hours just cruising around exploring places on a bmx
Posted 06:11pm 17/5/12
why do game devs do this?

do they want it to be "leaked"?

If I didn't want someone to find something like that where I hid that body, I definitely would not place it on disc that will be available to millions

* there is no dead body.
Posted 09:15pm 17/5/12
So what, it'll only load 3 types of cars on the screen at once, and then still chug along.
Posted 09:17pm 17/5/12
Timmeh: yes, get people talking, spark interest for the upcoming game/movie/autotune.
Posted 01:09am 18/5/12
So looking forward to this game.
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