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Post by Dan @ 12:55pm 16/05/12 | 9 Comments
As announced last month, developers Chris Jones and Aaron Conners have launched a kickstarter drive to bring the world a new addition to their classic adventure game series Tex Murphy.

Last seen in 1998's Tex Murphy: Overseer, the Tex Murphy adventure games were known for their humorous noir-gumshoe tales, presented with a cheesy interactive live-action cinematics.
Project Fedora will reunite creators Chris Jones and Aaron Conners and feature their trademarks of rich interactive storytelling and immersive gameplay. The new game will incorporate the very best of the classic Tex Murphy elements - sci-fi, film noir, witty dialogue, great characters, beautifully integrated FMV, and a deep, engaging story - but it will also enhance the experience of the former games with stunning new graphics, a sleek new interface, and other updates.

The detective-style gameplay takes place in a fully 3D world where you search for clues, solve puzzles, investigate crimes, and question witnesses and suspects. While the gameplay will be fun and challenging, you'll never get stuck with the free, built-in hint system.

One of Project Fedora's most exciting features is how the game and story can unfold in different ways. As you play, your actions and choices will change events, leading to new story elements and gameplay. This "narrative pathing" not only allows you to customize your experience, it will provide unique replayability, as the game will have at least three or more story paths leading to multiple endings.
The story will pick up right where Overseer left off all those years ago, but the developers maintain that the continuity won't alienate newcomers.

In under a day, the pledge drive has already raised over US$125,000 of it's $450,000 goal, so it looks like a shoe-in.

Watch the pitch video below (or here for the HD option) and head over to the Kickstarter page to make a pledge.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:57pm 16/5/12
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in baby!
Posted 01:40pm 16/5/12
Awesome, this is one I think I'll have to donate to, I loved the Tex Murphy games. Under a Killing Moon blew me away when I played it way back when.
Posted 01:53pm 16/5/12
Awesome, already donated $30
Posted 04:40pm 16/5/12
If I had a stupid amount of money and nothing better to do with it, I'd absolutely go the $10,000 one just to get a walk-on part in the game :P
Posted 08:09pm 16/5/12
This is so good. I have been wanting to play these games again for so long.

I actually installed overseer about a month ago, but couldn't play it as the graphics were worse than I remembered.
Posted 10:55am 17/5/12
As soon as I read this I remembered the name but couldn't remember the game. Had to look it up on you tube and now I remember playing it. Great game for its time I can't wait to see it again!
Posted 01:31pm 17/5/12
Martian Memorandum was the bomb.
Posted 01:34pm 17/5/12
Martian Memorandum did digitized speech using the PC speaker, that blew my mind
Posted 12:07pm 27/5/12
If you pledge $50 or more to get this Kickstarter finished, I'LL pay for you to download 1 (or 2 or 3 etc) of the previous ones from So you'll actually be getting 2 (3, 4, etc) games for the price of one!!! You could do THAT right!!
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