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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:19pm 14/05/12 | 36 Comments
To help celebrate the release of one of the year's most anticipated games, Diablo III, Blizzard and Steelseries have combined forces to give us a swag of prizes to giveaway to five lucky readers, with a grand prize consisting of the country-wide sold-out Collector's Edition.

As usual we've put together a 50 words or less entry mechanism for you, this time with a bit of flavour though:
If you could go on a date with any one of the Diablo III classes, who would it be and what would your pick-up line be?
There're a tonne of great prizes here, and we're only running this one until Friday, so you might want to get in now!

Click here for more details.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:56pm 14/5/12
I made a typo; can you change where i typed "warrior" into "Barbarian". Simple mistake.. I did type it out very fast.
Posted 02:58pm 14/5/12
Swoit, I put in my entry. Normally I cant think of anything for these type of things, but I'm actually pretty happy with my submission for this one.
Posted 03:09pm 14/5/12
awesome competition, definitely gave it a go ;P
Posted 03:18pm 14/5/12
I reckon that every single person put in the same entry as me on this one.
Posted 03:22pm 14/5/12
Every single person? Thats a pretty big call. And since I was even a different class to Skythra. An impossible call at that.
Posted 03:23pm 14/5/12
i tried, i thought what i wrote was just the right amount of crude :P
Posted 03:29pm 14/5/12
I think as each competition I enter my entries gets more rude and in your face lol.
Posted 03:29pm 14/5/12
Gave it my best shot too :D
Posted 03:53pm 14/5/12
This should prove hilarious.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:54pm 14/5/12
Had a sneak peek at some entries already - I'm pretty impressed with some of them so far ;)
Posted 04:02pm 14/5/12
awesome comp
Posted 04:15pm 14/5/12
Diablo III Book of Cain

I already own this and the quality of it is amazing. Also +1 for steelseries stuff.
Posted 06:50pm 14/5/12
Gave it a shot as well...
Posted 06:56pm 14/5/12
Cant wait to see some of these.
Posted 07:41pm 14/5/12
wizard - "heyyyy baby... you're looking WANDerful" ha. ha. ha.

Posted 07:43pm 14/5/12
Cant wait to see some of these.

I'm excited too!
Posted 07:47pm 14/5/12
...I put on my robe and wizard hat...
Posted 10:28am 15/5/12
Haha, got my entry in!! :P Great competition
Joshua David Lloyd
Posted 04:37pm 15/5/12
whoops balls'd up my address oh well if I win hopefully I can work it out changing it.
Posted 05:02pm 15/5/12
This should prove hilarious.

Haha indeed, a lot of these comps can be a struggle to come up with something good but this time around I thought of a couple and then had a tough time figuring out which one I'd submit.
Posted 05:36pm 15/5/12
Come friday.. please post some other entries because i'm sure a buttload of them will be funny
Posted 03:52pm 28/5/12
Damnit. Only one entry. Came up with the best one ever too. :P
Posted 09:39am 16/5/12
I sure hope the bias AG admins don't just pick their 'friends' ...
Posted 10:27am 16/5/12
They absolutely don't like me (seriously, I've been banned, and once drunkenly criticized a review for not having enough pictures), and yet I've won. So, if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.
Posted 10:52am 16/5/12
So, if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Posted 12:50pm 18/5/12
Another vote for posting all entries for laughs! COME on Ausgamers , make my friday afternoon great =)
Posted 12:56pm 18/5/12
I sure hope the bias AG admins don't just pick their 'friends' ...
as we have explained many times before, the judging screen does not include names/nicks on it so they are judged on the merits of the entry.

Here is what the judging screen looks like:

Your accusations are, as usual, groundless and based on fantasy. They are harmful to the integrity of this site and the hard work that goes into it and I will ask you not to repeat it.
Posted 01:05pm 18/5/12
Now that entries are closed, is it possible for you to produce a list of them? Without names of course.
As others have suggested, I think they would prove a good read for a Friday afternoon!
Posted 01:13pm 18/5/12
steve's gonna drop some in in a bit
Posted 01:15pm 18/5/12
Steve's down at his local right now, field testing the entries?
Posted 01:18pm 18/5/12
stand-up material does not write itself!
Posted 01:33pm 18/5/12
Your word counter is off by 1.
Posted 02:12pm 18/5/12
I sure hope the bias AG admins don't just pick their 'friends' ...

Hahah you're a retard. Trog doesn't have any friends.

Anyway, I trust steve to be completely not unbias.
Posted 06:37pm 18/5/12
Your word counter is off by 1.

hahah, yeah but i don't think it counts specific words like maybe your, the, to, it, etc. Perhaps. Otherwise it's off by more than 1.
Reverend Evil
Posted 06:42pm 18/5/12
Whoever wins is gonna be happy. Those Diablo shirts kick some serious ass. I bought 4 of them a while back because you never know when one will get a hole in it.
Posted 07:01pm 18/5/12
hole...? or when u need to plonk the missus down on something awesome- to have spontanious "I found a unique item" t-shirt destroying sex!...
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